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A&E very poor
Posted by Anonymous User on July 31, 2009
I have used the facility a n umber fo times for myself and my grandfather. The doctors are rude and nurses inconsiderate. I was given some very poor advice from a certain dr and was in having surgery shortly after the specialist discovered the error the dr made. I tried to correct the dr on duty as to my condition and was told he had attended medical school not me.
Bowral District Hospital
Posted by Anonymous User on June 25, 2009
A rural hospital with a good range of services including A&E, Maternity, Paediatrics & Operating Theatres. Sadly underfunded, there is a chronic doctor shortage in A&E, the hospital is rundown & poorly managed. Bowral Hospital A&E has the longest waiting times in NSW according to Health Dept stats. Next door there is a private hospital, SHPH where there are plenty of doctors who can charge patients directly for their services, ensuring the doctors make more money than they can in the public hospital. I should note some doctors work in both facilities.
Bowral Hospital
Posted by Karon Birkett on January 21, 2010
I agree that Bowral Hospital is sadly under funded with Nurses and Doctors over worked. If we're unhappy at the service perhaps instead of being negative why not join in and raise funds etc for our local hospital. Even organising a day of "Thanks" to our Emergency and Medical staff would be gladly welcomed. Yes I have had some bad experiences at some hospitals including Bowral, however on that point there has also been some very good experiences. On a personal note I almost lost my life a few years ago and was taken to Bowral Hospital. The Doctor who performed the emergency operation on me was fantastic. He was polite, kind and considerate and always very positive. All of the staff and Nurses that attended me were impeccable with their helpfulness and concerns towards not only myself but my family. Again Thank you to all our Medical Staff at Bowral Hospital.
Posted by Anonymous User on November 30, 2009
I find bowral hospital horrible. The bulk of the nurses are rude and very unhelpful. The doctors aren't much better. They seem to make so many mistakes for then later the problem to be worse than they thought. I cant express how horrible that hospital really is.
Doctors are human
Posted by Albervin on September 21, 2010
I have been to both hospitals in Bowral on far too many occasions due to my elderly parents. Due to underfunding & staff shortages there have been some "strong discussions". On the whole though, the staff are polite & considerate. I met a Dr. Peace the other day & he would instil confidence in anyone, thank you. Just remember that doctors & nurses are human too & make mistakes. By the same token, most other people (patients & family) in the hospital are either unwell or stressed, often both.
Bowral Hospital - where does the blame really sit?
Posted by Kevin O'Neill on September 29, 2010
I know the Bowral District Hospital and many of its staff very well. Also as a part time carer of a severely disabled 77 year old affected by a series of strokes, I prefer to have that person treated in the Bowral District Hospital than in the adjacent Private Hospital. Why? Because the staff/patient ratios are better (particularly on weekends and after hours) in the Bowral District Hospital than in the Private Hospital. The other factor is that if the condition of the patient were to deteriorate suddenly there is the opportunity to transfer the patient to the High Dependency Unit of Bowral District Hospital. There is no emergency department in the Private Hospital so all the traffic flows to the Bowral District Hospital. Not only that, ambulance officers will tell you that it is quicker to bring patients from the Wollondilly/Macarthur area to Bowral District Hospital because their turn-around time for the ambulances is faster at Bowral than Camden or Campbelltown Hospital. The small emergency department at Bowral has to respond to as many inflows as some of the smaller metropolitan hospitals. Yes, staff can become frazzled by the workloads in the Bowral District Hospital; it is an outdated style of hospital building which does nothing to help the functionality of nurses and doctors working there; there are some people who, perhaps, do not have the people skills one would hope to have in helping health professionals. But it has been my experience that the administrators, nurses, ancillary health staff and doctors who do work at Bowral District Hospital do meet the professional standards for their various professions. In the Southern Highlands we do depend upon the skills of local specialists and general practitioners to provide the Hospital's medical services. Most are fine and provide an excellent service. However, as in most professions there are some who, if we had the choice as community members in need of a general practitioner, we would not attend as patients. Unfortunately, public patients admitted to Bowral Hospital do not have the choice of selecting their doctor while an inpatient due to the Admitting VMO roster of GPs being managed by others. So, where does the blame really sit if the services at Bowral District Hospital do not measure up to people's expectations? We need to remember that Bowral District Hospital and its Community Health Services is the responsibility of the Executive of the Sydney South West Area Health Service (SSWAHS). The administrators of the Bowral District Hospital are required to abide by the decisions of the SSWAHS Executive. If the buildings of the hospital have passed their use-by date it's because the SSWAHS have not placed a high priority on their replacement in their organisational capital works program. If the staffing levels are less than desirable then it may be because the SSWAHS Executive has not supported the administrators in the hospital to employ the required number of staff. Perhaps it would be more appropriate (as has been already suggested by another reviewer) if we, as community members of the Southern Highlands, supported our Bowral District Hospital and its staff by becoming more vocal in our advocacy to the SSWAHS Executive. Some community members are already doing so but they clearly could use some more support. The community rally in support of the hospital in July of this year seems to have already lost its impetus. I hope that this review will motivate others to make a stand. I noticed one blog site that seems to have taken up the cause but more needs to be done. If you are interested in a more in-depth view of the issues and the problems for Bowral District Hospital and its community health services I suggest you look at the blog site:
ED lack of care
Posted by Anonymous User on September 1, 2011
Just had 20 year old daughter sent home from there as she was vomiting and they do not normally admit for her symptoms. Doesn't it matter that she has been doing this since approximately age 5. The doctor did not seem to feel it was in her best interest to give IV fluids and medication through the drip. He sent her home by giving her an Ondancetron wafer and with a management plan of small amount of fluids regularly and to come back if she becomes dehydrated. He tried to tell us that over all these years that what every other doctor (including others down in Bowral ED) has been doing is the wrong way of handling things. How would he know when it is the first time of seeing her. Sat there from 10.15 am this morning until approx. 3.30pm this afternoon without any fluids being given to her so how is that going to help her NOT become dehydrated.
not to good
Posted by Anonymous User on March 15, 2012
I sat at bowral hospital to see a doctor for 7 hours cause i broke my arm to get sent home and told to come back the next day, then when i get there the next day i had to sit the for 5 hours to be seen.
Bowral Hospital
Posted by Anonymous User on December 22, 2011
During the last couple of years of my mother's life we were regular visitors to Bowral Hospital's ED. Most, but not all, of the staff were very kind. However the last time we were there the doctor was so rude that I would have to be literally dying before I went there again. My mother had an episode at home that had left her extremely weak and sleepy. The doctor was asking her questions and Mum was looking at him vaguely so I spoke up for her. He told me that he "wasn't speaking to me". Eventually when he realized he would get no sense out of Mum he said to me "NOW you can talk". He then criticised my mother's doctor and was so rude that I eventually told him so. He became very upset and stayed away from us after that. The nurses finished the job of dealing with admitting Mum. I knew my mother was dying (she died a week later) and I was unable to stop crying but I felt like the nurses looked at me as though I had been a trouble maker. I was frightened and helpless watching my mother, who I knew was dying. Milton Park was no better. Some of, but not all of, the staff there are possibly even ruder. I appreciate that they are very busy and understaffed, but some of them need training in patience - not patients.
Sold Out by the BOD
Posted by Graeme Jackson on March 20, 2012
As a former Accountant and subsequently CEO of the Bowral and District Hospital I place the entire blame on the decline of the hospital on the then Board of Directors who in their wisdom (stupidity) for their own egotistical and other political reasons moved the hospital from being in the Illawarra Region to the Refgion opertated from Liverpool.I consider that Jopling and Davies have a lot to answer for in the decline of services at the once great hospital
Posted by yvette howe on May 27, 2012
i agree with a few people the nurses on the wards are fantastic but sadly the doctors and nurses in A&E are rude and inconsiderate i have been there a number of times due to abdominal probles and was sent home until i kicked up my heels and complained on one occasion i was going to be sent home in severe pain after my doctor sent me a doctor in A&E was going to send me home oly that i wasnt happy with this i was referred to another doctor and was admitted then found out i needed surgery asap for a infected gallbladder i spent 2 weeks in hospital and other occasions i was continually sent home and now ive found out that they think i was just going in for the pain killers and i was addicted to strong pain medication all i can say is if i was treated properly and they found the problem to begin with i wouldnt have had to attened hospital so many times i think they really need to review the doctors and the nurses to have better bedside manner and listen to thier patients not be rude and have bad attitudes ive worked in nursing myself and have never seen a A&E with such bad attitudes i knw its a frustrating job but there is no reason to treat patients with rudeness and inconsiderate natures
Doing the best job they can
Posted by Anonymous User on April 29, 2012
My 3 year old has been in for pnuemonia. I can only say the best things about the people who work there. You can see that there are funding issues, but that is not their fault. The fact that a nurse has spent 3 days trying everything just to get the boy to talk to her and in the end it worked. There is a level of personal care and concern that make it more than simply a service provider. They care, and the experience was great. Thanks
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