Jeremy Visser
Yerrinbool, 2575

Jeremy Visser is a Yerrinbool based blogger tackling issues relating to Web Standards, Wordpress, PHP, and the latest in technology.

Diary and Other Rantings
4 Blackwood Place, Robertson, 2577

Mike Macgirvin is a Robertson resident that works in the IT field and writes about technology, the local area, and a lot of eclectic stuff.

Anne Whitfield
Bowral, 2576

Anne Whitfield's blog features posts dealing with Anne's writings. She is an author of historical, contemporary and short stories.

The Nature of Robertson
Robertson, 2577

Denis Wilson's blog about all things Robertson.

Mayday 34 35'S 150 36'E
Robertson, 2577

Mayday 34 35'S 150 36'E is the blog of Finnish writer and musicologist Anni Heino.