Dux water heaters have been heating water for Australians since 1915, when the Middleton family decided on the name Dux, meaning best, for its new range of electric water heaters for showers and baths.

Dux is committed to producing high quality products and to the on-going development of new products. Since 1989, all its product research and manufacture has been carried out at modern facilities in the New South Wales town of Moss Vale.

You can relax with a DUX.

For more information, contact Dux Hot Water on 4868-0200.
2 out of 3 Dux products failed within 3 years
Posted by Anonymous User on September 10, 2008
I was happy to buy 3 Australian made Dux hot water products when I built my home less than 3 years ago. I installed a 315 litre hot water tank and a Dux HeatPro heat pump system. Heat pumps are much more energy efficient heaters and I wanted to buld the most efficient home I could. I also put a small 25 litre hot Dux water service uuder the sink in the kitchen, so that we weren't running a lot of wasted water through the pipes to the kitchen for the frequent little uses there. The heat pump's water pump failed about two and a half years after installation, costing about $360 to fix (added to about $3500 to buy and install it initially). The little 25 litre unit started leaking about 2 weeks later, adding more replacement costs. The massive failure rate on the Dux products I had installed may have been and aberration, but after writing twice to the company and ringing their hotline, they haven't even bothered responding. We would all have experienced quality issues with products, but I expected a lot more from an Australian company, on quality and on service. I won't buy from them again. They're not the only Aussie hot water system manufacturers.
Heat Pump Hot Water System
Posted by Mac on August 20, 2009
Pros - Nothing Cons - Noise Levels Height Don't purchase heat pump hot water systems they continually run and you will have very angry neighbours. I live next door to 2 Dux heat pump hot water systems one on either side. They run continuously there is no break. How environmentally friendly is it. WHat about noise pollution????? I am a very angry neighbour. They should never have been approved to be installed on top of neighbours. Approached neighbours in writing about noise issue. No answer ignored. What do you do - move and bear the costs of legals and stamp duty etc. All for what carbon footprints - a joke. They have been tested at 53DbA. and run all day and part of the night.
Posted by Valia Palmer on December 21, 2009
I was just about to purchase a DUX Solar Hot Water/ Boosted LPG Gas from a reccomendation from our Plumber - I just cancelled the Order!
Dux Airoheat problems
Posted by Robert on July 24, 2009
Just three weeks ago I had installed a new model Dux airoheat to replace a broken down electric water heater. I have had signinfcant problems from Day 1. It ran 24 hours and we had luke warm water. After many phone calls and time spent it was accepted that it needed regassing as it must not have been gassed correctly in the factory. After two attempts as the refrigeration mechanic did not know how the Airoheat worked. Now we have hot water but it still runs 16 hours a day and is frosted most mornings. We are now told by the local Dux agennt that it is functioning fine but it is unfortunately located on the south side of the house, under a verandah in a cold climate (Wagga) and thus will not work as efficiently. 45 decibals is not peace of mind quiet, particularly 16 hours a day. As soon as I receive the rebate I will be replacing with a gas appliance and it won't be Dux.
Noise from the New Hot Water Systems
Posted by Anonymous User on August 31, 2009
How can these new hot water systems be passed by Australian Standards?? They are so noisey and run nearly all day and night, can be heard through brick walls with no windows on that side and be a good 10metres from the brick wall. No peace in your own backyard day or night, WHATS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY TRYING TO REDUCE CARBON POLLUTION AND CREATING NOISE POLLUTION!!!
What IS the best hot water system for the Southern Highlands?
Posted by Anonymous User on July 31, 2009
Recently, our electric hot water system started leaking and we have had it removed. I have done extensive research on various hot water systems which are suitable for the Southern Highlands and have heard that heat pumps can be problematic due to the extremely cold temperatures. We are eligible for a government rebate which provides a substantial amount towards heat pumps and newly installed energy-efficient electric systems. But we do have gas on our street and I am wondering if it is better to go with a gas storage tank to minimise future technical problems and to use the rebate for insulation instead. The rebate for gas hot water systems is only $300. If anyone has an opinion to share, I would appreciate it very much. Lynn
dux heat pump
Posted by Kristian Fenwick on June 24, 2009
i recently purchased a dux unit, and only to find out that after 6 months of instalation the relief valve failed causing constant leaking. Also the units heating/cooling system freezes up from time to time creating the hot water to take much longer to get hotter.
Dux Sucks
Posted by Anonymous User on September 3, 2009
I have a Dux Sunpro gas/solar system which was installed by the builder as it is a new house. It gave us problems from the day one. The solar panels started leaking causing lot of hassle and water wastage and it took them over 3 months to fix it. Just after 15 months, the Thermostat died -cost $390- as it was outside the warranty period. The customer service of this company is pathetic to say the least and the product is inferior compared to the rest. I WILL NEVER BUY ANY DUX PRODUCTS AND DO NOT RECOMMEOND ANY ONE TO BUY ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS.
Dux is disappointing product
Posted by Thomas on November 24, 2009
I've a sunpro gas 305 solar panel system installed with a builder when I built my house. It was a two solar panel system and the right panel started to leak just into 12 months I've moved in. They refuse to cover all cost so I have to folk out $380 for the labour to get the right panel replaced. I was told that the copper tube in the replacement panel is thicker than the original one. They refuse to cover all cost as I suspect there's a design problem in the first place, if they are replacing with a thicker copper tube now. Anyone heard of this before? And now, there's another leak, just 11 months after replacement! Just gave them a call this morning, hopefully they will do the right thing and get it all replaced at their expenses. -Tom from VIC
Dux Fail
Posted by Anonymous User on October 19, 2009
I have dux solar heating installed when I purchased a new house. Few months later the solar panel start to leak with water pouring. It tooks then almost a year to replaced it so I need to rely on electricity that caused me so much then when they replaced it only tooks 2 weeks when the solar panel start leaking again so again they replaced it for the second time, then now its just few months from the second replacement it start to leaked agai and this time its worst because it leaks inside the house and we were flooded with water, I rung them with the number provided but all I get is a fax tone. Im looking to seek a legal advised for this matter.
With DUX- You'll Never Relax
Posted by Anonymous User on December 10, 2009
I had a Dux Sunpro 305 installed by the builder of my house in 2006, and it had to be replaced in 2007, luckily before the 12 month warranty was over, and then in 2008- the thermostat failed and had to be replaced (luckily they didn't charge me for that, because the replacement unit was only intalled in 2007). Now, in Dec. 2009, the thermostat is broken again, and they just quoted me $300 to replace the thermostat. In just 18 months, the replacement thermostat is broken again? DUX sucks, and you'll "never relax". -CECIL from VIC
DUX poor products and no customer service
Posted by Anonymous User on December 29, 2009
I had a Dux Ecosmart heatpump hot water service put in in March 2009. It stopped working on Boxing Day. There is no information at all on the Dux website as to who to contact for emergency repairs under warranty. There is a 1300 number for service calls but that had a recorded message telling me the answer bank was full! The installers are away until January 14, and anyway it isn't their fault if the machine is faulty. I was happy to pay for a plumber myself provided I could be sure Dux would refund the costs. There is nothing in the product brochure to explain what to do in these circumstances. Today I finally made it through to the call centre. No one asked the nature of the fault, model number, my name etc, just wanted the postcode. Twice they diverted my call to other plumbing services. The first plumber was on holidays and was VERY surprised that I had his mobile number. I explained how I had had the call connected and he told me he could not have done the work anyway without a work order faxed from Dux. I tried the Dux service number again and this time spoke with a man who transferred my call to another answering machine of another plumber who was on vacation. The third time I tried the call just rang out. On my fourth attempt I spoke with a woman and asked for her name just in case there was going to be another useless transfer. I also gave her the product model and serial numbers and my details. She eventually told me that a local plumbing service would phone within the hour, which they did. When the plumber arrived he was unable to fix the machine as the Dux person had advised a different product and model number. They are going to try again tomorrow..... I have spent a lot of time today listing to the song "I am, we are Australian" on the Dux service line whilst awaiting someone with whom to discuss the problems. I have heard the Dux message repeated many times that Dux is Australian owned and that most well known brands are foreign owned. What I have learned is that the most Australian thing about Dux is that once the staff go on holiday the firm cares nothing at all for the customers. There is no information at all to assist, no contact number for emergency repairs, no interest in assisting customers. I have had no hot water for 4 days of the holidays, have had to organise visitors to stay elsewhere, have now wasted 2 days just trying to contact Dux and waiting around for the plumber to arrive. Interestingly they have a survey form for customers on their website but that doesn't work either- when I tried to submit it I received an "error" message! I would NEVER EVER buy another product of any type from this firm.
Dux is cheap s**t
Posted by Andy on April 14, 2010
I have a Dux Sunpro 305 system which was installed by the builder as it is a new house. The solar panels started leaking in 10 months and it was fixed after so many calls Dux service for 4 months and at last called the manager and was fixed in 3 days. now after 18 months, the Thermostat failed and they said you are what of warranty so i had pay my self The customer service of this company is hopeless. WILL NEVER BUY ANY DUX PRODUCTS AND DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY ONE TO BUY ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS.
Have bought a DUX
Posted by David on December 8, 2009
No Review as yet as it is still to be installed
DUX Aeroheat
Posted by Jo on March 20, 2010
Not having much choice after buying this house, I found the DUX aeroheat broke down with burnt terminal points. I had to have a sparky check it for me so I can have hot water on the week-end. Before breaking down, I did found the unit very noisy consistently. I certainly will not recommend the product based on my own experience with it.
UPDATE DUX poor products and no customer service
Posted by Anonymous User on May 26, 2010
26 May and the system has failed again. Dux products are just useless.
Order just cancelled!
Posted by Anna on June 15, 2010
After reading these reviews I just cancelled my Dux order - thank you for saving me the pain you've all been through!
Good to get a different view point
Posted by Anonymous User on April 28, 2010
Refreshing but disturbing to read about peoples experience with Dux and heat pumps. A good antidote to the spin and hype of the company websites. I'll keep looking for a replacement form for electric storage hot water I guess. I wonder if Dux is aware of this litany of problems?
Wow !
Posted by Anonymous User on August 29, 2010
Wow is my reaction after reading all these comments. I am currently in the process of replacing my 50Ltr to a 125Ltr one. My initial choice was Rheem (must be due to all those catchy commercials they used to run on TV) but thought i do some research to see what else is available. I cant believe there were this many negative feedback for DUX. Thanks Weary Buyer
DUX sunpro 305
Posted by Anonymous User on July 26, 2010
we have built our house 3 years ago, the hot water unit is playing up; solar panels are cracked and leaking. due to the panels leaking our water bill has tripled; DUX SUCKS!!!!!!
Dux Heat Pump HWS
Posted by Will Latham on June 10, 2010
Whatever you do, do not install a Dux Heat Pump HWS. These units continually fail. I was introduced to these on building my new home in 2006. I had three replaced under warranty. Now after 2.5 years the water is not verly hot. So the unit is out of warranty and I have to pay for the service call plus parts. These systems are approx $3,500 witout any rebate. Very expensive unit along with the noise etc. Maybe the power is cheaper however, the purchase cost and ongoing repair bills will soon use up any savings on power. This carbon footprint is just a big con. Dux company are the worst companies when it comes to warranty claims. They are inclined to ignore your complaints.
Posted by Anonymous User on June 21, 2010
I am actually going to state to you all the facts. Years ago i had a small electric hot water heater, on offpeak 2, which cost al lot of money and cold showers when friends stayed...I got a large 330 ltr, electric off peak one and the bill went down $40.00, a month.I have just installed a ecosmart solar hot water system ande am so upset, I had injuries in a car accident and need hot baths, they are set to 50%, and cannot be changed .Even after I approached three different people in the firm I was not told that the temperature could not be changed. My previous electric hot water system really was not the expensive to run on offpeak one...I got the idea from readers digest to get the largest actually second largest on cheapest running cost.....The electrician told me not to get one as he has people always ringing him as they now need offpeak 2, and the water on ecosmart is so cold........
my gas dux hot water system failed today
Posted by steven on October 30, 2010
I was shocked to see so many negative comments on it. I bought the house 2 years ago, it stoped working today, damn it. can not take shower in 2 or 3 days. terrible.
Instantaneous gas the way to go
Posted by Anonymous User on August 11, 2010
I'm a plumber who installs many hot water units. I refuse to install dux products due to the LARGE failure rates and poor customer service. This obviously gives me a call back which Dux won't reimburse me for even though i have done everything correectly. For those thinking to jump ship to Rheem be careful as they too have dramas but are far better than Dux. Their customer service is absolutely crap and i mean crap. Once they have your money bad luck sort yourself out. In saying that they finally do get around to doing the right thing. I recommend gas instantaneous units as they are efficient and compact. They don't make noise. Only problem is the higher set up costs initially which is still heaps cheaper than installing a heat pump. Simple and easy operation and many years of service. Try to stick to rinnai (yes i know they are more expensive)as they are great heaters that will give you comfortably 15 years before you have any dramas. I've had mine for eight years but have been installing them a lot longer than that. No problems yet and unlimited hot water when you want it at all times.
Posted by Ray Purt on June 15, 2010
I have a holiday home which we visit plus minus once a month. When not there we turn off the electrity to our Dux unit a small capacity 86 litre, the lable on the tank does not say litre. The unit was installed new just3 years and 9mths back. During this time I have had to replace the releife pressure valve once and the anode four times , I was told because the water in my area was hard I needed the anode marked blue this one in fact was the worse of them it was disolved a to tapered needle in 4 months. Dux webb site appears to be unattened I have received no answer to my message. If you phone the company you are treated to the option menue which in my case suggested I leave a message and they would get back to me. Of course this never happened. What to do ? well I know when I am beaten I will repalce it with Rheem which is what I should have had installed in the first place. This company can never be success with this kind of product and customer service, and they do not deserve to be.
Posted by Anonymous User on August 5, 2010
Well, we had a Dux/Ecosmart 4S136E model with two panels on the roof installed (in QLD) in March, 2010. When I say "installed" it was only just, since one of the sensors in the tank would not work on start up. All credit to the installer, who had a new tank installed the very next day, up and running by 4pm. However, it makes you wonder about the quality control on these units. Next thing, circulating pump failure on or about August 2-3, 2010. Looks like the one-way valve into the pump was jammed. Some evidence of scaling in the pump (after 6 months!) and (yes) the water here is OK, with a hardness of 124 mg/L and TDS of 583. Dux publish figures of their water heaters being ... "designed for use in areas where the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content of the water supply is less than 2500 mg/L". In any event, there is no excuse for water scale jamming the system in such a short time. The previous storage heater type hard very little scale in the pipes when removed. If I see a failure after the warranty on the pump of two years I will be making a claim under statutory warranty because I believe a unit at the price level of solar hot water heaters has to give (overall) a worry-free service life of 10 years minimum. Statutory warranty can extend long past the written warranty stage and is not limited by written warranty conditions. Rather it is related to a "reasonable time" and that, in turn, tends to depend to some extent on the amount paid for the unit. Same as the fittings in a low cost car might not be expected to last as well as those in a Rolls Royce. I am surprised that others who list failures of such equipment on this board have not followed up with statutory warranty claims either. The (Dux/Ecosmart) products are held up to be of the highest quality and presumably the experienced and skilled installers they use also install to suit the local conditions of operation. In my instance there was no inquiry about local water (which is fine for this sort of system), but rather a focus on frost protection - also very important and the issues around it were well addressed. Worried Dux/Ecosmart Customer
flood alert
Posted by Vickie on October 1, 2010
Have a Dux hot water system and after two thermostats and several flooded floors, I am now again sitting up to my ankles in water as it has now flooded again, Thank you Dux!!!!!
dux sunpro gas boosted
Posted by Gary Bradstreet on July 2, 2010
we came across this site while looking for an idea what could be wrong with our hot water we have had no hot water since the 28th June we assumed the pipes had frozen then we noticed our solar panel (right hand side)had burst it was fixed on the 1st July we arrived home and where pleasantly surprised that it was repaired but still no hot water just luke warm rang the plumber he was out of town rang dux they gave me his number again and assured me it was not covered by warranty (unit was fitted in a new home late 2008) we sent a text to the plumber to arrange a time for him to look at it again and we are still waiting for a reply(7.30 Friday night) this is what we have sent to dux on their contact us page our solar panel was leaking fixed by dux rep 2/7/2010 since then luke warm water at taps rang dux rang plumber as advised no reply(sent a text) as yet will try again please refer to link my report will be there soon if no reply from either yourself or plumber http://www.thesouthernhighlands.com.au/directory/building/dux-hot-water we couldnt wait we live in Orange thanks for the chance to vent our feelings its bloody cold and we would really would like a hot shower
DUX Hot water Systems -a big problem
Posted by Anonymous User on September 10, 2010
I have read a lot of reviews. One coming from a service man supporting DUX for product and quality. But it seems to me that he does not want to believe that all units of Prodigy -3 and 5 systems have problems with their gac control unit. I ahev talked to a lot of people and read a lot of these unots. Not only the part is not reliable Dux is also no godd on their service. East of Melbourne where I have had the problem is run by one man who is busy all the time. Why busy, becuase they are breaking all the time. The service man said I have to wait 4- 5 dyas before I get a call. It is good for the service man. But what about the consumer? Do we have to suffer becuase they manufactrer want to use cheap chinese parts and sevice man to kee busy repaining and replacing the cheap parts at expemsive prioces. What is happening in this country? Is there any one in the goverment to answer this? Chine is polutinmg the world making crap products and taking all the wealth from Australia. Is this economy?
Your on your own"
Posted by Rosalyn on July 8, 2010
We purchased a Dux heat pump because we were told by our plumber they were good. The older models might have been alright but this this has me pulling my hair out. There is no after sales service if you live in a country area and with only one year warranty you are asking for trouble if you buy one. Ours cost close to 5 grand and has been trouble from day one. First the fan capisitior died. And now its just over 12 months old and the PTR valve has givin up the ghost. There is water pouring out of it at a rate of 12 litres an hour and it runs for at least 8 maybe 10 hours a day. My power bill will be through the roof. The people they send out to fix it don't know much about them and they are after all plumbers not refrigeration technicions. Never buy another Dux product as long as I live and will tell anybody that will listen to do the same!!!!!
Posted by Hills 2 Ocean Plumbing on August 17, 2010
I have installed well over 1000 Dux / Ecosmart solars and heat pumps.Of those I have had 4 that have had problems requiring new parts. To me that is an excellent rate. To read the kinds of reports here I find very disturbing and could attribute alot of them to installation problems. Being a warrantee agent we get called to all kinds of problems and 99% of the time it has nothing to do with the unit. To hear people are getting charged $350 odd for a thermostat is a rip off by the plumber, not Dux. A thermostat costs around $50 and a decent tradesman would be able to fit it in less than 10 minuites... Rest assured Dux are a very good system if not the best. The old addage of the squeeky wheel gets the oil applys here. Of course if you are not happy with a product you will bag it to death. I just want to even the score....
Dux Sunpro Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water System
Posted by Anonymous User on September 4, 2010
We moved into our home end of july this year. Since then we have already had the builders plumber out once as we had no hot water for showers at night time and now (start of September) we have an error code the dux help centre have no idea what it means and even their technician doesn't know what it means!!! The phone cut out with the technician when my partner was on the phone with him and has bothered to call back!! We've been without hot water since friday and its now sunday. We had a Dux electirc hot water system in the house we had built in 2005 and that also failed and broke down two years later - we were lucky enough the unit was covered still by warranty but we still had to fork out almost $400 to get the new unit installed!! Would never go Dux again!!!
Dux Guts
Posted by Anonymous User on September 27, 2010
I've had a Dux 315 Litre Off Peak Electric Storage Hot water heater for 10 years and it's never played up once. Checked the anode last weekend and I reckon it's got another 5 years in it yet (Rain water though !). I must be the only happy customer - but then again, I'm not into green hot water - too many things to go wrong ! Sorry to hear of all the problems - I will certainly be wary when I eventually have to replace the water heater though - customer service is everything in my opinion.
sabotage Dux ?
Posted by John Smith on September 27, 2010
I have to ask; with the lengths that some under-handed solar sales people will go to, to promote their product. I wonder how many of these complaints are actually genuine. Having first hand experiance in this industry, I wouldnt be suprised. Dux are a great Australian owned company, unlike Solahart, Rheem, even Edwards....And dont be mislead I bet there are plenty of un happy customers who bought those also....
Dux Sunpro 250Lt 2Panel
Posted by Ron Wilton on October 8, 2010
Friday 8th October 2010, I have read the above reviews and have decided to give Dux a go. I will only give the facts as I see them. I just ordered the Dux Sunpro 250Lt 2Panel system. Its being installed this Tuesday. I will come back to this next week and update the review on how the install went. If I have any problems with the system I will return and update. Salesman: Bruce from Sunshine Hot Water Quoted: $1437 after all rebates
DUX SUX. solar hot water!
Posted by petra on January 17, 2011
The Australian tax payer is subsidising DUX solar collectors for the long term prospect of saving the world from global warming and they don't even last a year! They want me to pay for the re-installation of a panel that has been independently assessed to have been leaking since day one. The owners manual states' Personally inspecting or servicing any part of the system is not recommended.' 'After each 5 years of operation you should contact the local service agent ... etc etc The sooner someone starts getting these units manufactured in China where they offer a 25 year warranty, the sooner Australian Tax payers - consumers will stop getting RIPPED OFF! DUX SUX
Dux Solar Hot Water
Posted by Marie on October 13, 2010
We purchased a solar hot water unit with 3 panels in a high frost area. We didnt go with heatpump because when we did thorough investigations we realised that they would run continuously because of our colder climate. (it would seem some of the above reviewers didnt complete their investigations......) We made sure that we added a SFT4 frost valve to protect the panels. We have had the system in two years now and it has not missed a beat. Our bills have dropped to next to nothing, we have never run out of hot water. Thank you Dux for a fantastic Australian product
Dux is cheap and nasty as are all GWA products
Posted by Anonymous User on December 12, 2010
Dux used to be a quality product but was bought out be GWA which is essentially an equity company. They reduce the cost of doing business to increase profit margin using the brand as a springboard. They then sell the business off for a profit, They also own Fowler, Caroma and I believe used to own Rover. All these were considered quality products but their reputations are now poor due to poor workmanship. I bought a house 8months ago and the only thing I didnt like was it had a Dux HSW, which unsurprisingly has passed on this morning. Its not always a case of you get what you pay for, in this case it is slight of hand, previously a quality product is now an overpriced illusion.
Off to VCAT
Posted by Anonymous User on January 20, 2011
After a very unproductive service call, where the solar panels have leaked again (third time under warranty) and DUX are not prepared to fix under the warranty (Parts yes, labor no) but as the unit has failed so many times I have no faith that its of merchantable quality. Avoid this firm at all costs. So far I have incurred $1600 in additional water and ~$300 in additional gas costs.
Dux Hot Water System- Do not buy
Posted by Anonymous User on September 10, 2010
We inherited a Prodigy 3 Dux hot water system when we bought the house we are living. The system is manufactured in March 2008. On 10.09.2010 the pilot went off at night and only could light it up again when the system was cold. I thought the thermocouple is not fucntioning. I went a bought another and asked a trade man to change. He left the system worked from cold again. but, 25 minutes later the pilot was off again. Now I believe that the thermocouple is not the problem There are a lot of writing about DUX produyct having problem with gas control units. Basically this is the same, I think I rang Dux, they had only one service man for the whole eastern area of Melbourne. He is so busy that cannot cope. So, parts are crap and unreliable and they have no sercvice. So, do not buy.
Who is right who is wrong about DUX Hot Water Systems Failure
Posted by Nick on September 12, 2010
I found this article when my hot water failed on Thursday. I tried to get some one to come and fix it. So I rang Dux. They had not one available until the next week Monday!! Then I started to look for the problem by searching the web. I found many complains. Although one person ( a plumber/installer )in amongst many complaining ones is defending DUX products, but I have to agree the majority and specially another installer who is saying that large % of Dux hot water systems fail within 3 year. Because the system I have here is Prodigy 3 made in March 2008 and has failed. The pilot does not stay on and therefore the burner fails. The thermocouple was changed, but problem is still there. It is terrible to go without a week of hot water waiting for service man who is very busy. Obviously if DUX product was reliable their service man was not so busy that could not keep up!!! I do not know if the problem is within the Robert Shaw thermostat or not. But these days every manufacturer is using components made in great China. Consequently, the Australian consumers though still paying the same as before the Chinese take over of the world market with their crap products, have to bear an additional cost of services ( if and when available) paying through their nose!! Since all manufacturers are using Chinese components where there is zero quality control , it is time to say good bye to reliability. The policy is let us make it , fast and cheap ( but not for consumer) so we can make more money. we get rich and does not matter the consumer says. I just wonder if the problem I have on my systems i due to Robert Shaw thermostat which is used on Dux products. If anybody has more knowledge of this please write. Singed by An unhappy customer who has to $300 to fix the hot water system this week. High cost- relative the the price of a new system.
Dux Hot Water-Improving all the time
Posted by Dux Fan on October 8, 2010
I currently have 2 Dux units operating on 2 different homes of mine in WA. They have never missed a beat. Both are the Prodigy 5 star gas units and work a treat. Alot of my friends and family are plumbers and they highly recommend the Dux brand.My parents and sister both have a Dux unit on their house and are pleased with it's performance. I know for a fact that they are one of the last Australian Made and Australian Owned Hot Water companies left. Everyone is entitled to an opinion just make sure that when you buy a hot water system , ensure that it's right for your region don't always listen to the plumber or sales consultant, they will sell you the hot water unit they make the most profit off. Ring the manufacturer direct and they will advise you what product work's in your local area. For instance Don't install a heat pump of any kind in the Alpine Region's as they will work 24/7 trying to generate enough Hot Water , if you live in a Solar Sunshine State , then install a Solar Hot Water system. You wouldn't buy a 4 cylinder car Toyota Corolla if you lived in the middle of the bush and had a family of 6 people now would you ? A hot water system of every type is available from Dux to suit every household's needs.If you think about it why would you buy an Electric heat pump when you have Solar Gas Hot Water available and 6 people living in your house etc ???
Posted by Anonymous User on November 8, 2010
i work for rheem same faults same parts
DUX - Poor service!
Posted by Anonymous User on November 27, 2010
During the first month that we moved into our new house, DUX hot water played up. Good thing it was a summer! But again, barely a year, we had the same problem with no hot water for almost a week now. Maintenance guy promised to come today but never turned up.... how unprofessional, indeed!
Short Life
Posted by Michael Stosh on October 10, 2010
Had a Rheem 50 litre electric hot water heater which lasted 25 years plus. Replaced it with a Dux 50 litre Proflo which has died after only 6 years.Sprang 2 leaks and the anode is hair thin which is strange as we only use rainwater exclusively.We live out in the beautiful countryside of Northern Tassie with no industry for at least 30 kilometres and the air is as pristine as you can get so what the hell. Will go back to a Rheem or any brand but Dux in future!
Dux Airoheat
Posted by Gordon Wadsworth on February 22, 2011
Why anyone would want to buy this Aussie made poor performing copy of the German made equivalent beggars belief. I thought I'd support my local industry and get a Dux. What a dud. I have been getting turbid water from the unit and figured it needed cleaning and although I drained lots of water from the tank via the tap I fitted to the second inlet position the problem returned within a few weeks. Then the fan stopped running and the two LED's were flashing indicating a fault so I contacted Dux to arrange service as unit is within warranty. No advice was given as to turning off the unit and as no technician arrived or contacted me ofr the next 30 odd hours I dismantled my floor fan and placed it above the unit to ensure airflow and switched it back on. Compressor ran for hours and eventually the water in the tank actually boiled and released through the relief valve. Contacted Dux and following day tech called. Turn on unit and fan kicked in and everything running as normal however water sample taken indicated to the tech that tank or refrigerator unit had failed. I then fully drained the tank and noted that the water discharged appeared to have layers of discoloration and the water for the top 1/4 of the tank appears to have oil in it. They took a sample and disappeared. During the last 3 weeks I have made repeated calls to Dux and have never had a return call from their service department and whilst the unit appears to run normally the water is discoloured again. I have had water samples taken by my supply authority for analysis and expect results within 5 days, however I believe there is a problem with the design of the unit in that water not heated to 70C will not destroy waterborne bacteria and fully expect to be told that this is causing some of my problem as well as rusting of the tank and possibly leaking of compressor oil into the water. I urge other owners of these units to obtain a sample from the tank and have it checked for bacterial content It should also be noted that like other authors on this subject, water drawn from the tank at the base is always little more than supply temperature. Finally, I installed it in my well ventilated sunroom to protect it from the extremes we experience here at Gretna and note that the air-off temp has never been more than 2 degrees below the ambient and that when the unit cycles off the air is around 1.2 degrees above ambient. In my opinion the loss negates any efficiencies that would be gained by using the compressor rather than an element and despite carefully monitoring my power consumption any savings in Kwhr consumption has been negligible if any. My advice, buy true solar and not a DUX dud.
Dux Sunpro Solar 305
Posted by Tracey R on January 6, 2011
This product was installed when we built our home at the end of 2007. If I had of known the issues I would have asked and payed for something different. Not happy with this product at all. Just on 3years old and we have a problem and of course out of warranty! Our pilot light keeps going out and when we try to light it, it does light but the burner seems to be no longer working! So now we have had to organise a plumber to come out and have a look and looking over other reviews, lots of people have had problems. We are lucky we have had some sunny days so we are still able to have hot water. But still needs to be looked at. In the first 6monhts of being in our home, the solar panels weren't working which caused alot of water leaking and a very high water bill. They came out (lucky that was under warranty)and replaced the frost valve (I think that is what they did) but 6months later the same thing happened to the other side of the solar panel. They ended up replacing the solar panels with a new one. Saying that some batches that came out of CHINA were faulty and we should have no more issues. So far so good but on a whole, I think for the price you pay, a hot water unit should last alot longer than 3years! Very poor product and I would recommend anyone building a new home or looking to change / upgrade, stay away from this product. I have rung Dux and informed them (took me a few calls to get through!)that I think there product is crap and I think I will take the matter further.
Dux Airoheat System
Posted by Fred on February 27, 2011
I had my Dux Airoheat hot water system installed 14 months ago. Two months later the fan on top of the unit burnt out. Dux arranged for a replacement. The service tech told me these fans were "made in China"and were absolute rubbish. He also stated that he has had to replace dozens of these fans.This replaced fan has now burnt out. Dux Dux have informed me that my warranty (1 year) has expired and I am up for the cost of a replacement. The unit is noisy; more than what the booklet stated. The whole unit is junk. Dux should be sued. I was hoping cyclone "Yasi" would have wrecked the unit and I could have purchased any other brand other than Dux with the insurance payout. "Yasi" let me down by not touching a DUX, and I wouldn't again either. "Yasi" was such a pain in the Yasi. And so is DUX. I am a pensioner unable to afford this rubbish. I tried to be green and do the right thing. Now, I'm just black with rage at DUX. Leave their products alone.
Stay away from DUX!!!
Posted by Jeremy on March 28, 2011
Just got off the phone with Dux. Our thermostat has died for the second time within 2 years, however it is now outside of their "dodgy warranty". Certain things only seem to be covered for 12 months and if they are replaced with other faulty parts. When I rang the technician that Dux put me on to, he explained that the units have a computer that syncs the solar power with the gas power and it is possibly faulty also if the thermostat has had to be replaced so frequently. My argument is that this should have been replaced the first time, when it was in warranty, rather than to find out now and are up for quite a bit of money now :( AVOID DUX, THEY SELL AN INFERIOR PRODUCT. FOR A COMPANY THAT CLAIMS TO BE THE ONLY AUSTRALIAN HOT WATER SERVICE ON THE MARKET, THEIR WARRANTY IS VERY UN-AUSTRALIAN!!!
Extremelly disappointed
Posted by Serge on April 11, 2011
I got my DUX Sunpro installed by builders in the new house. My story is not much different from the ones I read here. Constant leakages from the solar panels, wasted hundreds of liters of water; few times broken thermo valve. It did cost me hundreds of dollars already and the repair man is becoming a family friend because we need to call him every few months. Avoid DUX.
no problems with dux units
Posted by Anonymous User on May 9, 2011
i have had an airoheat unit installed for 3 years now it hasnt missed a beat. ive had no issues what so ever but i also did my research to study which unit was best suited for the climate im in and the amount of people in my house. you would find if there are any issues with the airoheats its because there are to many people using the unit and it is over working or it is tranported or installed wrong. i have always had dux HWS and have never had problems with them.
Posted by Anonymous User on July 21, 2011
This is my 3rd Dux Hot Water System in 8 years - what a joke. The last one replaced under warranty is just over 2 and half years. The company gives warranty but no service. No hot water for a week so far and we have been told so many stories. First of all - it was ordered and on its way. Dux insist on sending it and your plumber cannot get it from the local plumbing suppliers. Then told definitely will be here yesterday. Rang this morning first thing and told that they don't even have a replacement and it will have to be manufactured. What a joke and what terrible customer service. My plumber is ready and waiting to change over the system for us. They said they will ring straight back with further information on when the replacement hot water system will be sent to us. It is now over an hour and still no telephone call. Oh and by the way the girl at the end of the phone 3 days ago said that the delay was caused because they were extremely busy !!!!! Once we get this replacement we wonder just how long it will last. So sad as this is an Australian company I believe. Disgusted. Pat Central Vic
dux solar hws
Posted by Anonymous User on March 18, 2011
generally dux provide a fantastic product providing its installed properly. Dux get everything generally right, until they try an bolt on the solar, this is where they dont know what they are doing. 40 percent of failures are the robertshaw thermostat, which arent designed to withstand the solar how water temperatures, an also they have lpg pilot injectors resulting in a small flame, which easily goes out. 20 percent of failures are from the gas solenoid, which overheats an stops working, which can also happen after thermostat failure, due to no gas flow to take heat of solenoid.. An the last forty percent is the chinese panels bursting. Dux Storage heaters (gas or electric) and their continuous flow heaters i can thoroughly recommend, Not solar.
Dux aeroheat 350 frozen up in the tropics!
Posted by Alan on June 21, 2011
We installed this unit on the recommendation of our plumber. 4 days before the warranty ran out (thank god) the unit froze up solid with ice, which is interesting as we are in the tropics of north Queensland! Dux customer service and reps seem positively obstructive when it comes to getting on with their job to resolve this issue. I guess they get a lot of flack from customers every day...wonder why? I certainly think Dux just wanted to get on the band wagon, get a product out there. selling a poorly constructed unit that would allow customers to claim rec rebates, then trading on the Aussie made banner their sales would be high from customers quite rightly buying Aussie. However their units are not up to the build standards of german made units. In short if you are considering Dux, don't do it.
Avoid Dux/Ecosmart
Posted by Keith on May 11, 2011
Please avoid any Dux or Ecosmart product. As a plumber who has had dealings with these companies please do not install these hot water units in your house. They may have big advertising budgets but their products are substandard. Don't expect any service once the system fails, which it will, as their products are poorly designed and made.
Dux airoheat is the worst brand ever.
Posted by Jo on June 28, 2011
As a single parent with two children, I bought a house in 2009 with dux airoheat already installed. Similar to other reviews here, I found it noisy, then after 12 months also had burnt terminals. This year, I found that at night it is a toss of the coin whether we have hot water or not. Tonight, definitely, we have no hot water. I really discourage people from buying this product because you pay top money for nothing. The product is far far from what they claim it to be and their service leaves a lot to be desired.
Dux Sunpro Problems
Posted by Christopher Parker on June 15, 2011
Moved into my house in 2007 so Dux Sunpro fitted as part of the house package. Between June 2007 and December 2010 both of the solar panels failed three times each wasting huge amounts of water during a time when everyone was under restrictions to save water. Now June 2011, unit only four years old, solenoid failure, no hot water, cost of part $30, cost of labor $300 !! Do your self a favour,if you have a chance to select your brand of water heater don't get a Dux. There has to be something better than this !!.
Ok with Dux
Posted by Simon on June 22, 2011
Having first hand knowledge in the hot water industry, I can assure everyone that all brands have issues, not only Dux. Rheem/solahart/Edwards (they're all basically the same) have a bad track record with Heat pumps- 2 out of three failing, while their solars are inefficient compared to the competition. Conergy has had issues with thermostats tripping regularly (they should have been auto reset)and their element seals were leaking from day 1. To be fair these are now ok. Airoheats should never be tilted more than 45deg else causing terminal damage. But overall most of the time solar problems are attributed to poor installation or unrealistic expectations...
another unhappy dux customer
Posted by Mick on August 1, 2011
like so many other reviews here we are fed up with dux lack of after market service, we had our flat panels installed five mnths ago, to date we have had the plumber back four times due to the panel connectors failing. the plumber has contacted dux only to be told its not their problem. the plumber has tried everything at his expense (he lives 40 Km away )when I contact dux Im told they can fix it at an exorbitant rate with three hours travelling to start. this will be my LAST. dux product
Posted by krzystoff on July 15, 2011
we had Dux units when I was growing up, three in 22+ years, wasnt a bad run, so when I was buying my own house, didn't think much of it, so Dux again -- how different is Dux today?? it has had no end of problems, from the first week the temperature fluctuating wildly, plumber fixed it again and again and again, now 6 months later the unit has completely died -- just in the middle of winter, so we have to wait days without hot water till it gets replaced. unfortunately the new one will also quack and waddle like a duck. having spoken to the builder about the problems we've had, they recommended Bosch commercial grade NG/LPG models or Aquamax Solar boosted, apparently the Dux/Rheem are installed to keep build costs down -- Dux never again. P.S.: if you have a heat pump, don't install it inside, it needs circulating outside air to work efficiently. P.P.S. for the 'plumber/installer' if you've seen as many 'warranty' cards as you said you have, you would know how to spell the word.
Dux still working - sacrificial anode
Posted by Happy Dux customer on July 4, 2012
Just a comment after coming here to look online for a manual for the Dux 135FN-B 135litre gas hot water heater, to see the recommended replacement schedule for the sacrificial anode. Gas hot water heater installed 2005 by builder/plumber in new home in outdoor location in Melbourne on weather side of building using natural town gas. Has worked like a charm. Relight burner first time after turning off during annual holidays each year without any problems. I know the sacrificial anodes corrodes (as they are designed to do) to protect the internal liner of the tank. Normal gas water heaters come with a five year warranty and have one sacrificial anode. Heavy duty units with a ten year warranty have two sacrificial anodes. From my observation, that is the only difference between the two except the price. For other hot water models I change the sacrificial anode every seven years, putting in the heavy duty model I buy from Reece Plumbing for around $50-70. This extends the life of the unit for another seven years. The life of the anode depends on the quality of the water - more minerals in the water and the corrosion happens faster. Easy job: Remove the cover at the top by undoing the phillips-head screws just below the ventilation grille. At the top of the water tank you will see a large 'nut' about 30mm across. Some models have this under a plastic cover you pop out with a flat screwdriver. Turn off the gas, water, and let out the hot water so you don't burn your fingers. Undo the large 'nut' slowly and you should slide out a long wire attached to the nut. When this goes in new it is about 15mm in diameter, and after a few years natural electrolytic action eats away the metal, rather than eating away the internal lining of the water tank, hence the name 'sacrificial anode', leaving just a skinny little bit of wire. If the wire has been eaten away altogether up to the waterline, seriously think about getting a replacement unit as the corrosion may have made the water tank walls too thin already and you have left it too late. Of course if the leaks have started already, time to get a replacement unit and cut your losses. If it still has a few mm of thickness left, consider putting it back for a bit longer and getting some more life out of it. You get another sacrificial anode from Reece Plumbing, reinstall using a bit of plumbers tape, check it is watertight and make sure the trapped air has been flushed. Put the plug and cover back, and you can relax with the satisfaction that you just saved yourself a heap of grief, a hernia, and a wad of money in not having to replace the entire unit. I'm not a plumber - just a handyman, and this job is not too difficult as long as you have a good wrench with a long handle and a phillips screwdriver. Should take about half an hour including the time to read this and chat with the bloke at Reece! If you're not comfortable to do this yourself, I'm sure the local plumber will do this for a good price, still saving you a significant amount. Remember they can probably get a significant trade discount from Reece compared to a 'walk in' customer, so overall the cost to buy the sacrificial anode may be the same either way and the labour cost will offset this, making the callout fee the only overhead. Be sure to give the plumber the model number of the heater so he can order the sacrificial anode before coming out, saving two trips to the premises. Save $1000 each seven years - good value. Unit is then good for another seven years or so!
"Dux Nuts" or "Dux drives you nuts"
Posted by Dave Gubbin on June 21, 2011
Annoyed heat pump owner. They are simply too noisy. I apologize now to the neighbors. Good intentions worked out bad for them. But now it's broken down, neighbors are happy, wife is not. Leading me to this thread, which is now leading me to replacing it rather than the on-going issues of fixing it. PS Dux 315lt heat pump system going cheap to good home. Runs perfectly. Completely happy with it. Make an offer.
Dux suxs
Posted by Anonymous User on June 6, 2011
Our home is not even 3 years old and already we have had a solar panel replaced the inverter replaced in our hot water service now just under a year later the same panel needs replacing! And to top things off we have to pay yet again for labor costs! Very bad workmanship buy dux!
Dux Fail!!
Posted by Mac on September 12, 2011
I had Dux installed by the builder for new home. Just after 2 years, same problem as other people have quoted. Pilot works, solar works but thermostat/sensor stopped working,so it does not boost the heat with gas. Paid $430 to fix. Not sure how long it will last. Hate DUX. Companies like these are the reason Australians don't buy Australian owned stuff anymore.
Avoid Dux Avoid Ecosmart
Posted by Bill on July 23, 2011
As a plumber I have installed many different brands of hot water units, including solar. The only ones that fail are Dux/Ecosmart. How can units less than 6 months old continually fail with the same issue? I will never again touch their products again. Poor warranty, poor after care service and an overall poor company that is focused only on sales and nothing else.
Dux Solar hotwater spare parts make a killing
Posted by Eric on July 13, 2011
I live in Sydney and had a DUX solar hotwater system (model no. 3F136S) installed about 2 years ago. I found the system leaking water after receiving a much greater than usual water bill. The cause of the leakage is a failed anti frost valve. I had to pay $300 just for the valve (comes in a kit not sold separately, but the other part in the kit is pretty much useless as it would never fails since it is made complete of copper), plus the plumber's costs. In general, I don't have much problem with DUX as every brand could have a couple of issues. But the spare parts' costs for the after market is certainly of great concern. By the way, I contacted DUX hotline seeking advice on the parts costs. Of course they are the manufacturer and do not supply to the public. The dealers they provide are the very people who sell the parts at +$300.
Dux/Ecosmart No Good
Posted by Ben on September 10, 2011
I am a plumber who installs hot water units, including solar. I'm dumfounded that Dux (including Ecosmart,which is Dux but just rebadged at a much higher price!) can put on the market electric hot waters that can't last 3 months without faulty thermostats. One installation has had 2 faulty thermostats within 2 months. Their warranty service is beyond belief, expecting clients to go without hot water for days until they can get one of their authorized service technicians to fix the problem. Having seen inside their operations in NSW where they produce these hot waters, their only concern is revenue and increasing the share price for their parent company GWA. Please don't buy Dux or Ecosmart.
Dux HWS faulty from day 1 and after sales service terrible
Posted by Andrew Leong on January 14, 2012
Bought a Dux Prodigy 3 135L and it did not work from day 1. Called the installer back on the same day and after checking out the install, found out it was a faulty Thermocouple, not to do with the labour or install. Rang the warranty line which is based in eastern states and got an answering machine. Got through next day which was a Saturday and Dux said they will log a call with their authorised repairer. We followed up with the repairer number they gave and when we called the repairer, they said they were not even based in Perth and dont' service the Perth area and that they have notified Dux many times not to give their number to Perth clients. Rang Dux to tell them they've given the work order to the wrong repairer and was told they have not been notified this. I had to get the Perth repairer from the guy who didn't service Perth! Basically, Dux after sales/warranty service is terrible and they don't care about their customers in WA.
Posted by Anonymous User on November 24, 2011
Dux is discusting!!!Wish i had read the reviews before purchasing the heat pump,but my excuse was an emergency,which no one took seriously.I am so angry with myself for not contacting our LOCAL plumber,who would of treated us with better service.I am now waiting for the unit to break down,i'm sure it will.Hope DUX reads these reviews as there are so many unhappy people out there!!!!!Worth going to A Current Affair i feel.Thanks for nothing lousy DUX service.I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND YOU TO ANYONE,I WILL ONLY BAG YOU.
Posted by haide on March 4, 2012
my dux hot water storage system just sprung a big leak in the garage carpets water logged, storage units swelling so to the tip they are going.Must have been about a week that it was leaking I looked at it and it has rusted out at the bottom now have to replace the unit. My supplier wanted to know the size so back home I go and to my surprize I find the year of the unit 1985 so now I don't feel so bad 27years and 2 months out of any thing isn't bad.We found the leak on saturday spoke to the supplier on sunday{lives down the road from us and he was out in his yard working }he will be replacing the unit monday with a dux unit again as I can't complain.
DUX Heat Pump
Posted by Anonymous User on May 9, 2012
I've had a Dux heat pump for 4 years. It has been noisy, it freezes nearly every night and never produced hot water. I had to have a new fan fitted a few weeks ago and last week it died completely. I contacted Dux on Tuesday; and tomorrow (Thursday) their agents Sunshine Hot Water are going to replace the entire unit free of charge. This has restored my faith in DUX and I have found them very courteous and helpful. You can relax with a Dux!
Very unhappy dux customer
Posted by Anonymous User on January 13, 2012
My dux gas hot water system failed after less than 4 years in service the Robertshaw control unit failed which cost $350 for part and with labour costs a total of over $600 to repair this main part of the unit only as a 12 month warranty I sent complaint to dux feed back and was told to just read the warranty agreement I still think dux is a poor quality product and very costly to repair. So in the future I will not be buying or recommending dux!! Come on dux lift your game have a good look at poor quality parts used in your systems and it would be nice to receive a better responce from your customer feed back.
DUX SolarSunPro - An expensive waste of space
Posted by Mat on February 29, 2012
As with most of these threads, DUX are certainly only in the business of making profits and not customer focused. My Solar Sunpro was recommended by builder and installed by them in 2006. I was told I needed to have a closed circuit system. This involves a heat exchanger, glycol setup and of course - a higher cost. Well after about 3 years (and out of warranty) the heat exchanger failed (split open). Had a plumber re-solder it as it would have cost just over $1000 to replace it! It lasted another 2 years and the heat exchanger again split open (this time in another place). Again had a plumber re-solder it. Plumber told me that the heat exchanger being made of copper was a useless waste of time and it was no wonder that it kept on splitting open as the copper would expand and contract continuously. He reckoned it should have been made of stainless steel which is much stronger. Anyways, upon questioned with the DUX agent on 2nd time about our closed circuit sysytem, he mentioned that in our area we don't even need this type of system and that DUX don't make these closed circuit units anymore for Australia. He has now changed our system over to an open circuit system for just over $1100 (apparently the pump had failed as well....surprise, surprise), so in 6 years in our new house, we have spent somewhere around $6000 (after rebates) on a hot water unit. WILL NEVER RECOMMEND A DUX TO ANYONE!
Nightmare with Dux prodigy 4 star gas hot water heater
Posted by Anonymous User on January 22, 2012
After Dux three star gas hot water heater continually worked 7 years (such short life), its cylinder was leaking and needed to be replaced. Dux certified agent had replaced the hot water heater with a new Dux prodigy 4 star gas hot water heater. Before replacing it, the agent told me that the new 4 star gas hot water heater had huge issues and they would install an old 3 start gas Dux hot water heater for me. But Trade Link had delivered the new Dux prodigy 4 star gas hot water heater and then installed in the beginning of January 2012. After installed the nightmare start, the new Dux hot water heater had never worked for any single day! The hot water heater shuts itself done every night or within every 24 hours. I called the installer and also Dux, the problem could not be fixed. Dux service man had finally identified that "it was a bad batch". Few days ago, Dux had replaced it with a new one. But it has the same issue - there is no hot water in the morning! It is over twenty days without hot water in every morning or during the mid of shower! The malfunction hot water heater had cost me nearly 2 thousand dollars to replace. I have to constantly check if the burner has gone off and then have to light it every day. I had to call Dux every day for the brand new hot water heater which has never manufactured to work! Dux has blamed that the government has forced the 4 star (but not working) hot water heater released to the market without technology to support it - such a great political game regardless it is nightmare to the consumer! Today is weekend and I can only call Dux tomorrow (Monday) to fix the newly replaced "latest designed and should work" 4 star hot water heater!!!
dux hot water
Posted by Anonymous User on March 17, 2012
im a plumber with 20 years on the job and work on all brands of water heaters and find most jobs i get called to for problems with heaters is from poor workmanship on the install and from salesteams handing out poor advise all brands have problems from time to time from what i have read on the reviews above alot of problems could have been avoded with better install training and with anodes corroding thats there job if they dont your tank will
dux suxxxxxx
Posted by Anonymous User on February 8, 2012
we bought a house and luckily just before we moved in the dux electic hot water storage heater broke down so the owner got a new one put in, we have since been here only 3 years and this one has water pouring out of the top of it so much for a sealed unit,so waiting to hear from dux about what they can do for me but i might still get a rinnai gas heater put in cause this sux it isnt good enough it should last for years
Dux/Ecosmart Don't Buy
Posted by Graham on April 25, 2012
Dux/Ecosmart electric 400l solar hot water unit installed November 2010. Today 3rd thermostat failed since installation. If you want reliability and quality don't buy Dux or Ecosmart. (Ecosmart is Dux but rebadged and sold through individual dealers and not plumbing suppliers). Dux are considered a joke amongst plumbers.
Proof is in the pudding
Posted by Brett on March 8, 2012
Up front I state that I worked for Ecosmart for a little over 12 months. Whilst there was the odd problem with a newly installed product, I would suggest far less than other products on the market. In fact we replaced numerous units of other brands that had failed. The proof of quality, to me , is the fact that I still get calls from prospective clients who have been recommended by statisfied clients. I have not worked for Ecosmart for almost 3 years now. Would you recommend a product to a friend if you were not happy with it? I get a call every 6 weeks or so and pass them on to my old boss. I have read some of the above comments and can only say, do not believe everything that you read. Do your homework on your intended purchase. Listen to what you are told and make an informed decision from there. All the best.
Dux Hot Water Feedback
Posted by Anonymous User on April 20, 2012
If anyone has any problems with their Dux system, we urge you to contact us at feedback@dux.com.au or ring Dux on 1300 365 115. I try to monitor this site regularly to respond to you, but contacting us on the above email or phone number will usually be faster. Thanks.
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