Robertson Pie Shop Robertson

Robertson Pie Shop

Robertson Pie Shop sells the pies that made Robertson famous. Choose from 24 mouthwatering varieties.

For more information, contact Robertson Pie Shop on 4885 1330.

Reviews (15)

Fantastic (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
best service i have ever had, pies are amazing loved the wildberry.
Posted by Unknown User at Monday 12th December, 2011
Best pie shop in the world!!! Soo good!! (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
Robertsons Pie shop is the best pie shop in the world! The pies are sooooo good!! I really recommend it to everyone. If you go there try the Apple turnover, yumm!!!!!
Posted by Anna at Friday 22nd April, 2011
It's not what it used to be ... disappointing (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
Stopped at Robertson pie shop yesterday, purchased $80 worth of pies. The meat pies had virtually no meat - full of thickner and they were floppy. Even the Chunky Beef pie only had 1 piece of visible meat. Apple turners were full of cream and only had 4 small apple cubes. The only consolation was that the caramel cheesecake was nice. It was disappointing as we have stopped at the Pie shop for the last 20 years back and forth from the Gong - short of it is we will not be stopping there again, which is disappointing.
Posted by Ralph at Monday 11th April, 2011
Its ok (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
I never heard of the place before until we went camping near by in Bendeela (?) and on the way back we had a pit stop. My bf and I didnt like that the pie was waay too hot to enjoy the pie. Had to also buy the pecan pie and cheesecake pie. But, I do like it.
Posted by Unknown User at Wednesday 22nd December, 2010
2006 (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
I haven't been back to this shop since we rode through in late 2006. I have very fond memories and wish it was less than a 14 hour drive, sill going to do it soon.
Posted by Unknown User at Friday 1st October, 2010
Great Drive, Great service, pies (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
I enjoyed the drive to Robertson, and the service at the Robertson Pie shop was excellent. However, I expected more from the big reputation that these pies have. I'd tend to agree with some of the later comments above. I found my pie to be not quite hot enough and a bit on the gluggy side.
Posted by Kevin at Sunday 14th March, 2010
Curry (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
Purchased a Curry pie on my way to Fitzroy Falls. It was very tasty. Was it the best Curry pie Ive had? Probably not but top 5 for sure! Will drop in again.
Posted by Gram at Friday 12th June, 2009
A LOT OF FUSS ABOUT NOTHING (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
I HAD A BEEF PIE,IT WAS JUST WARM AND NO MUCH MEAT.The best pie i have ever had was out on the Darling River,a little town called Pooncarie,the lady at the general store makes them,they were Devine and full of meat,i had the Cheese and Bacon,and peach and cream i would say they were the best ever...
Posted by Unknown User at Tuesday 5th May, 2009
Nothing special (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
These are far from gormet pies, I had a chunky steak pie on Sunday afternoon, which was nice, but... nothing special.
Posted by Unknown User at Monday 20th October, 2008
Weekend visit (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
Came up to your pie shop on the weekend and was very disappointed. Pies were all cold and response from staff was not much warmer. Last trip up there sorry ..
Posted by Dale at Monday 4th August, 2008
Bit of a worry (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
Been a patron of 20 odd years but has been a while up until last month. Can't believe the special events prices. The Pies are still very good, but the pasties I bought were horrendous. Concrete like pastry & tasteless content. This is contructive criticism, not abuse. I love my pies & enjoy the drive.
Posted by Unknown User at Saturday 2nd August, 2008
Very tasty pies! (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
I visited this store with my girlfriend on the weekend and I was very impressed with the selection of pies and the quality of service. I had a chicken pie (tasted like real chicken!) and a steak and mushroom and some steak and onion. I also bought an apple and rhubarb pie to take home (delicious hot with vanilla icecream). I highly recommend this store!
Posted by Alan at Tuesday 11th March, 2008
Biggest Pies I've Ever Seen. (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
If you're even in Robertson, check out the large pies at Robbo Pie Shop. Big enough to feed me and my missus!
Posted by Stephen Miller at Tuesday 16th January, 2007
Pies are Fantastic (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
The pies at the Robertson pie shop are the best i have ever had.
Posted by Michael at Wednesday 20th December, 2006
Beaut pies (review: Robertson Pie Shop)
The best pies I've tasted south of Sydney
Posted by Roy at Saturday 16th September, 2006

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