Domino's Pizza in Bowral provides the Southern Highlands with fresh, delicious, piping hot pizzas!

Pick up or Delivered in a Hot Cell bag direct to your home or business.

  • School/business lunches
  • fundraising
  • catering for meetings/parties/lunches/dinners available.

Come in and speak to our friendly managers. Domino's Pizza in Bowral is locally owned and operated by Justin and Kylie Wilshaw.

"I've got the hots for what's in the box with the dots!!!"

For more information, contact Domino's Pizza on 131-888.
It's o.k
Posted by Chris Harker on November 23, 2007
The first time i went there the pizza was delicious! So the next day i came back and it seemed like a whole new business. It took so long for the pizza to be ready and there was no one in the waiting line, it said 8 minutes, i had to wait a whole 30!, the pizza didn't taste very good.... the vegetarian pizza had slices of meat in it! Thats pretty sad... I came back the next week to see if it had gotten better.. but it was the same.. 2 people in the waiting line, it said 13 minutes and it took around 23 minutes... the vegetarian pizza had meat in it again, i complained but they just said sorry and they wouldn't give me my money back..I'm not going there again Domino's is pretty bad.. but at times it can be good...and don't go there if you want a vegetarian pizza..they cant handle a vegetarian pizza
Gross Pizza
Posted by Anonymous User on December 3, 2008
I orderd a pizza there, a few weeks ago and found a long strain of hair it was disgusting. Only yesterday I went their again and found hair in the pizza again just disgusting. Would not suggest anyone buy pizza at Dominios again.
hmmmm... what is pizza? i just dont know anymore
Posted by Gordon Brush on March 11, 2009
Pizza is one of my favorite foods. Its base has a lovely soft yet crispy texture, its topping colourfull and full of flavour and a mouth watering aroma!! Then I ordered a so called pizza from... Yes you guessed it... DOMINO'S... First of all the staff in the "Pizza place" were all pimple faced adolesence, with IQ's no greater than a spastic monkey. I actually witnessed a Domino employee's pick his nose and rub it down his trousers... When it came to ordering the "Pizza" I couldnt work out what "Pizza" was what, they all had ghastly unfamiliar names and toppings, not only that the monkey behind the counter couldnt help my confusion. Finally i make an order, only to find i couldnt order one family sized "Pizza" for my hungary impatient family in the car. it only comes in one size... Yes ONE SIZE...large... Wait a minute... How can they call it large if there is no other size to compare to. How does any good man feed a family with a whimpy large. They should swap the rg with an m to spell Lame, not large size, rather Lame size. So i ordered three... Seven to ten minutes he said, so i sat on the terribly hard plastic bright red seat in the shop and waited and waited and waited. Upon recieving several text messages from my starving childen, i finally complained. when the "pizza's" arrived i stormed out of the place never to return. oh yeah i ended up eating the cardboard box as i had more flavor than the "pizza" itself!!!!!
Posted by Anonymous User on June 7, 2010
Recently my number was given to this business saying I ordered pizzas there. I was then called and abused . The manager D.R threatened to get the police involved over a pizza I did not purchase.I was sworn at and treated Like rubbish for something I had nothing to do with. I was accused of prank calling this order. If it was a prank why would I leave my own number and name? I wouldn't reccomend this place to anyone!unless perhaps your looking at getting abused.
Posted by Anonymous User on November 23, 2010
I found the toppings were not very fresh, the base was fine.
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