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Founded in Australia in 1983, Video Ezy made a bold entrance into the home entertainment market through its visionary approach and marketing strategies, strengthened by the simple philosophy of providing comprehensive, innovative and dynamic entertainment services, whilst always maintaining the highest regard for quality, responsibility and value for money.

Today, Video Ezy is synonymous with both its core values and outstanding success. With close to 600 rental and retail stores across Australia, over 140 stores in New Zealand, and over 200 outlets across the Asian and Indonesian region, it has not only succeeded in delivering its philosophy and promise to the customer, but has also brought amazing success and results to individual business owners and investors who have joined in the Video Ezy success story.

With the phenomenal growth of DVD, Video Ezy have met the challenge with diverse strategies in both rental and retail, actively seeking and forging synergetic partnerships with other winning brands such as Virgin Mobile, Pizza Hut and Sanitarium, and strengthened by a leading team able to fully embrace with enthusiasm and excitement all the new opportunities it presents.

Recent initiatives like the Video Ezy Movie Guarantee and Ezy Exclusives continue to bring the brand world-wide recognition, offering innovative approaches that reinforce its core philosophies, and ensuring exceptional growth and sustained success remain part of the Video Ezy trade mark.

For more information, contact Video Ezy on 4861 4146.

Reviews (7)

Lacking (review: Video Ezy)
Video ezy has good custoer support but lacks in a wide range of movies.
Posted by bill at Thursday 2nd September, 2010
blockbuster is cool (review: Video Ezy)
when im in the mood to rent a movie i perfer blockbuster because of their wider selection, easy parking,and good service.there is so much more to blockbuster.
Posted by Unknown User at Monday 21st September, 2009
freindly helpful staff (review: Video Ezy)
when i drive pass video ezy i just want to go rent a movie and i rented the bee movie it was so cool,i just wanted to buy it so i did
Posted by sally at Thursday 24th April, 2008
this is a fabulus story (review: Video Ezy)
this fabulus story is about a store that is reliable and kind were you can rent,buy i now VIDEO EZY
Posted by sally at Thursday 24th April, 2008
Block Bluster Clarkson (review: Video Ezy)
Blockbuster clarkson is the only video shop to sell HALO 3. Get in quick before they all out...
Posted by reece at Saturday 19th May, 2007
really good service ad range (review: Video Ezy)
I like Video Ezy because the staff are always really friendly and nice. They always give you a smile and say Hi when you walk in the store. The prices for rentals can be a bit expensive (compared to Blockbuster) but they usually have a big range of titles. They also have a good range of world cinema/arthouse films which is rare at most of the DVD shops around the district. Blockbuster has really good prices but their new releases are usually all hired out and the new releases are all unorganized around the store. It can be hard to get a park at Video Ezy however.
Posted by jackson at Wednesday 25th April, 2007
Friendly Helpful Staff (review: Video Ezy)
I cant go past Video Ezy Bowral for always having the greatest range of the lastest release DVD's , games and particularly old classic movies. Cant believe the knowledge the always friendly staff are willing to share. I live in Mittagong but go to Video Ezy Bowral because of this.
Posted by Fred Wimmer at Thursday 5th April, 2007

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