Big W is a department store located at the Highlands Marketplace in Mittagong. Big W sells known brands at competitive prices.

For more information, contact Big W on 02-4871-2254.
Big W will be great.
Posted by Jeff on January 6, 2007
I think it's a positive move having Big W in the area. It'll mean more jobs for a start.
Big W
Posted by Peter Coorie on January 9, 2007
Big W is coming soon to Mittagong. Is that really a good thing? I think not. Time and time it has proven across Australia that everytime big corporations move their mega retail outlets into smaller regional areas the smaller and local busineses always suffer. I personally know business owners who had to shut up shop in Bowral when national chains such Dick Smiths (owned by Woolworths corp) move in. All I see Big W doing is luring the average consumer with cheaper prices only to drain the local economy. 250 jobs? The bulk of them will be the centre security people, cash register and sales floor attendants and some admin staff all on minimum wages, while the main profits take the cash out of our region and turn it into profits for Woolworths corp. I am sad to see our region turning int another Cambletown. Just ask local retails owners what Centro Goulburn has done for their sales. If a big Kmart / target and another mega centre come to the highland I don't want to think about how the uniqueness and independance of the retail and cultural landscape will look in 10 years.
Big W to Mittagong- a good thing?
Posted by Emma on February 6, 2007
Please give us the opportunity to spend local! My own household spends in excess of $2000 a year on presents, household goods, groceries etc in Campbelltown every year. I loath taking my money out of the area, but am forced to when local businesses tend to only now target for the 'Weekenders'. I am sorry but someone has to point out that not all of the residents are used to the Sydney city prices for everyday living expenses, and are willing to cough up the equivalent cheap- in comparison to- Sydney prices for everyday items, that are so much cheaper elsewhere. I can do the same weekly shop in Campbelltown, and have a good look around at copious other shops, FIND A PARK! and cover other things needed, and still have to pay the fuel, I still manage to come out in front. Locals are prodominantly loyal, and will still choose to shop at their favourite shops. But we should not always stamp out change, and variety and most of all growth. The likelyhood of the Highlands becoming another Campbelltown is unlikely as the property values are so high that there will always be a select few of us capable of owning real estate here. I also feel strongly that a great percentage of local businesses need to be reminded of competition, they have had it too easy for too long, and a little more justice for you and me goes a long way! Looking forward to having a good shop locally for a change. Bring those jobs on, our children are either suffocating in stuffiness of the snobery, and ultimately moving out of the area. We need more job opportunities and less critisism. See you all there...
Big W
Posted by Martin on February 25, 2007
It's funny to hear people talk about how good it will be to spend local. With the majority of stores in the centre likely to be national and multinational chains, most of the profits will be going to them, not to local proprietors. Also, some of us like old-fashioned and local businesses. Do we have to have exactly the same shops and the same food as everyone else? Can't we be a little bit individual? That's what the comments about Campbelltown were all about.
Taking Profits out of the Area
Posted by Heidi on March 3, 2007
We are quick to point out that corporations and large chain stores take profits out of the area. BUT, is not the independent business owner in the Highlands who takes his profits, banks out of the area, invests in the Sydney property or financial market and buys a car from a prestige Sydney dealer not doing exactly the same thing?
Big W
Posted by Peter on March 8, 2007
Did anyone notice the BIgW logo at the top left of this page? I don't remember seeing that at the very early stages of this forum. Either way they getting the company logo and brand out there. Go you corporate giant! ;-) Here's a thought. What if the high priced mum and dad business retailers are really normal and fair prices for the cost of items including local labour and sales staff costs? And what if the low prices of giant retail outlets (Kmart, Target, BW etc) are really exceptionally low due to ulta low cost, slave labour 3rd world or developing nation manufacturing? WHat if BigW men jeans are only $17.89 because they were made by a 14 year old girl who left her rural home in regional China to work for 22c per day to machine sow 50 pairs of jeans? What if other simliar costs and techniques allow all the super cheap prices brought to us by our favourite mega reatiler. - all I can say is its an unfair world.
Big W
Posted by Shannon Foley on February 23, 2007
Its about time. Frankly, I believe it will give some of the local businesses a run for their money and they need to lift their game considerably. There is a distinct 'snotty nosed' attitude displayed by staff in a number of long term stores in the Highlands. I for one will shop at the new centre with bells on. I'm afraid if the 'old fashioned' stores cant cut the mustard and go broke then so be it. I really wonder what the statement above means 'Some feel it wont be long until the Highlands turns into Campbelltown' This is just the typical snobby attitude reflected by local businesses that I am talking about. Are Southern Highland businesses a protected species? Well maybe they are. Our petrol prices are higher than elsewhere, our grocery prices are too and the usual reply to asking for an item listed in a catalogue is 'Oh we dont have it in stock but we can order it for you' far as I'm concerned the more choice of shops including big retailers the better.
Big W
Posted by Peter on March 7, 2007
Re 'Apparently 'centre security people, cash register and sales floor attendants and some admin staff all on minimum wages' are jobs too menial for the Southern Highlands..etc' This quote on my original comment has been taken out of its context. To clarify, I did not by any means desire to infer of a menial' or lower position by certain job roles (my family are employed in such jobs, my own step mum is a Woolies 'check out chic'). In fact as someone said that these entry level position are often the step to a prosperous career or perfect for the part time working mum etc. What I DID mean in the context is that from the BIg corporates point of view they look at their operation and the minimal cost and resourcing required to keep it running. My point was to highlight from the corp. point of view, not a class system / snobbery angle. Woolworths Corp doesn't 'care' about jobs in the region in the same way that locals are concerned about jobs in the region. UNIQUENESS I agree that there is a recognized element of 'snobbery' in the region, however I believe that it is entirely possible for a region to maintain a certain uniqueness of character and exclusivity without being snobby. Why does exclusiveness have to be intrinsically tied to 'snobbery'? These type of questions lead in to the age old debates of class struggle passed down from our nations English founders, so I wont get into that :-).
Posted by Anonymous User on March 17, 2007
yes bunnings are going to braemar, they are planning to build a store about the size of sheelhabours gaint store so good for them and as for kmart the rummour for them is that yes they are planning to come down to the highlands in the near furture so good for all of them and i'm for one glad due there will be alot more jobs in the area and that might just mean all the young idiots that do the wrong might grow up and get a job for once
Its good so get over it
Posted by Tanya on February 28, 2007
Who cares if the profits go to mutlinational people! At loeast mre locals will have jobs and you won't have to travel to campbel;ltown to buy stuff that you would normally have to go there for. I believe that Highlands has a snotty uperclass feel, and the new centre will force them to cheapen there prices etc. At least if you dont have to travel to Campbelltown you save petrol which saves the environment and you give more jobs to locals which will help build the economy. Would you bloody snotty people stop your f*&^king whinging and embrace the cheaper alternatives, if you dont like paying cheaper dont shop there you sooks. I dont even live in Highlands and I know about the 'snotty appearance' of the area so imagine how bad you must be.
blue smoke
Posted by kaydie on March 20, 2007
I think the new shops are great!!! i dont acually know were they are but you get that. Big W is my friends sams fav shop she enjoys having a closer place were she can regulary buy quality underwear and shoes. but me personally if im feeling spontanious ill by a nice little out fit. they have great service. OH MY GOSH I LOVE BIG W!!!!! yes well any way i think the new shops are fantasimo ( totally cool) my other friend karina she just loves to rock wild there. - SHIBBY- yeah cos its huge
Campbelltown = Ethnicity
Posted by John on March 1, 2007
The real fear of having such a mall in the Highlands is the fact it will appeal to families of differing ethnic backgrounds to the majority currently living in the Highlands. The Southern Highlands is one of the whitest areas in Australia. It was well documented a number of years back with the whole 'White Flight' epidemic of people escaping Sydney's ridiculous housing prices. The last thing the majority in the Southern Highlands want is more Asians, Greeks, Italians, Lebanese, etc. This is of course based on the assumption they won't move there to open their own restaurants/bakeries, which is apparently ok with locals... but having them move down there to live will be a crime. The Highlands is a nice area, but it's filled with so much deep seeded racism it becomes hard to escape.
Posted by No Name on March 8, 2007
Cant wait to see the sunset point drive kids hang about the complex. Great more vandalism and hoons etc. Anyway i still think its great Big W has come to the town, at least we dont have to travel to Campbelltown for one little thing.
Caitlin, Emma & Kate
Posted by Lily on March 20, 2007
-coughstuckupcough- did you just realise the comment you made was about three times as worse as Tanya's. She is entitled to her own opinion and if you can't handle it, ignore it. Simple? i think so. I live in the Southern Highlands and i can see the snottiness of the area. Your opinion, now posted and unable to be edited, is a perfect example of stuckup snobs in the local area. Its people like you that make these opinions flow in. YOU are giving th S.H a bad name. If you cant accept everyone has their own opinion you need to get over yourselves.
Hope not!
Posted by Anonymous User on February 8, 2007
Wonder if they will be Overpriced Like all the Stores Around here are!
It's OK to Create Jobs as long as they are not menial!
Posted by Heidi on March 3, 2007
It would appear, that while the area is crying out for jobs, we can only endeavour to create job opportunities that are considered meaningful & socially acceptable. Apparently 'centre security people, cash register and sales floor attendants and some admin staff all on minimum wages' are jobs too menial for the Southern Highlands and it is this sort of attitude that has caused a shortage of trades people in this country! Every job no matter how small or seemingly 'low class' has value. What exactly would be the difference if working as a cashier on minimum wage in a boutique store in Bowral as opposed to working as a cashier for Big W? Same job, but apparently the two are worlds apart ..... except maybe, the person working at Big W gets a retail traineeship, works hard and turns in to next years manager. Lets not be so quick to judge people by what they do for a living. Any job is a good job if it puts food on our tables, a roof over our heads and provides a means of participating in and contributing to society as a whole!
big W
Posted by Anonymous User on March 10, 2007
having big W is good. I'm sixteen years old and so sick of having absolutley nothing to do! I now have a job, along with hundreds of other people, and now, maybe i wont have to sit at home wishing the weekend away, because catching a train to campbelltown is too much for me. Southern highlands will always have its class, but we needed the variety in our shopping experiences. shops that sell antiques, or are ridiculosuly over priced are flooding our streets and it's about time the youths had something to do. And antiques or overpriced, boring items, don't thrill me all that much, i may be speaking for the minority, but we needed this
More of the same
Posted by Julia on March 4, 2007
This mall is one more nail in the coffin of the uniqueness of this area. I've lived here for 10 years and shopped in Campbelltown twice. My experience is that there's nothing you can get there that you can't buy here, and the bonus is you aren't surrounded by shoppers who are all candidates for 'The biggest loser' when you shop here. But hey, if Campbelltown is peachy keen for you - then why don't you move there? And don't let the door hit you on the way out!
Mittagong Market Place.
Posted by Rod Abbey on March 10, 2007
With the opening of Mittagong Market Place, I have been in attendance for the three days, and I have seen a lot of faces I used to see at Campbelltown, and Wollongong, and after talking to a lot of the people, it seems that this is just what local people have been waiting for, a comfortable shopping place, that is easy to reach, with all the shopping outlets, that are required, except I must say, for a Post Office, it ia a shame that Australia Post have decided not to move, I had to go to the Post Office on Thursday afternoon, I was the only person in there, and I could park any where I chose. I for one say a big thank you to the Woolworths Group, for supplying us with a great meeting place, close to home.
Less children
Posted by Julia on March 26, 2007
This is directed at "it's about time you grew up". Right back at you hon. If you can't afford to cloth your children, maybe you ought to have had less of them. Whether or not you and your family have been here all your life or not is irrelevant. What matters is whether you are able to appreciate the unique beauty of this area. It is clear that many people who grew up in the Southern Highlands and surrounds wouldn't recognise something beautiful if they fell over it and couldn't care less if it turns into just another ugly suburban wasteland. You are obviously one of these people. Supporting a multinational mall here just because then you can afford to dress your oversized brood (hey = nobody asked you to have all those kids) is stupid and selfish.
it's about time you grow up
Posted by Anonymous User on March 5, 2007
it's about time that a store of this price range comes to the southern highlands. i have lived here all my life and my family go back to the oringals who were one of the first familys ever to come out of bundanoon,bowral and surrounding areas.And as my husband and myself have a large family of seven and all are into the local community events the store is a opening for the high unemployment rate in the area. so i wish everyone would stop thinking that they buy everything they can down here. where can you get a full school uniform around here for under one hundred dollars. and just think the less on centrelink payments the less you have to support them with your taxs. embrace big w it's here and there will be more to come and if we are so scared of new then how have we ever come this far and survied.
Posted by John @ Highlands by Design on March 10, 2007
Actually, the site isn't a forum, but more a tourism portal that offers the ability to leave reviews for the listed businesses. We certainly didn't expect such a response to the Big W listing, and we probably should have set up a 'your say' type section that allowed people to discuss important issues regarding the Southern Highlands. This will be something we'll do sometime in the future, especially now we know that people are interested enough to express their opinions. Thanks to everyone that offered their opinion regarding Big W.
big w in mittagong
Posted by sarah on March 6, 2007
i think it will be a exellent thing for both person and community more jobs, a bigger and wider variety. its a about time
Posted by no name on March 13, 2007
quick question. anyone heard about Coles in Bowral closing down and Kmart is going in there?also i heard bunnings is going in at Braemar.
The positives and negatives of Big W in Mittagong
Posted by Greg Chapman on February 17, 2007
The positives about Big W in Mittagong would be good for the Highlands. It would be good for jobs and ease the strain on Bowral. But there is the negatives, about businesses in Mittagong. I think maybe will be badly affected !!
Big W
Posted by Fidget on March 6, 2007
Just aslong as the Lebs stay away.. all i know is there isnt enough degreaser to cleanse the world.. despite how much money Big W has
Reply to Tanya
Posted by Caitlin, Emma & Kate on March 15, 2007
We are school students and we are outraged by Tanya's comments. She refers to our hometown where she doesn't even live as a 'snotty town'. Well excuse us Tanya but we like living here and we beleive that there are a variety of classes in Bowral. So next time you decide to insult somewhere, think of the impact that it has on the residents, and go and insult your own town cause no one cares what you think. By the way where do you live, cause i would love to write a comment about how crap the place is where you live.
Posted by Anonymous User on May 2, 2007
Big W
Posted by Jeffrey on March 7, 2007
Big W is opening tomorrow and just try and stopping me from shopping there. People seem to forget that not everyone is well off, and stores like Target, Kmart, and Big W can make life so much easier, especially when you have 3 kids and are trying to make ends meet. I just hope it doesn't affect local businesses too much.
bongos trip to big w
Posted by chay on March 20, 2007
once a upon a time there was a bag named bongo he was light brown and white he was the nice kind of baG EVERYONE loved him and he loved EVERYONE!!!!!!! one day he was watching tv and he saw an add for the new BIG W so he hoppped on his his ZEBRA and rode to BIG W!!! and in a puff of blue smoke he was there. of course the first place he went was big w to buy a red bag and red bag was what he bought. BUT there was a problem he didnt have enough money so he shanked the shop keeper and ran for his life jumped on his zebra and in a puff of blue smoke he was gone with his little red bag. what a silly sausage he was.
Posted by no name on March 20, 2007
Hey does anyone know the closing times for Thursday nights at the Market Place?? I know what the Big W closing time is on a Thursday, but i want to know if the other shops are open till late?
Big W
Posted by Anonymous User on April 27, 2007
Who really cares if Big W is in the Southern Highlands? Some of you people whinging about that sort of thing need to get out more. Life isn't just about boring antique stores.
Ripping the heart out of Mittagong
Posted by Martin on March 8, 2007
I love how my earlier comments about having the same shops as everyone else turned into an attack on the 'snooty' nature of the Southern Highlands. Obviously comments from someone who doesn't live down here! Racist attitudes expressed in this forum don't help either. I think it is great that we don't have to travel to Campbelltown or the city to go shopping, but why do we have to have all the crappy other stores that come with the development? Why are all the banks, the post office, the newsagent, the bakery moving out of the middle of town and going into the Big W development? Do you know that there will no ATM available in the main street of Mittagong? We had two before - CommBank and BDCU - and both have moved. Without any of the core services in the middle of town, the town centre is going to die a slow, painful death. What are all the retired people going to do, now they can't walk to the bank or the post office any more?
Positives a Negatives
Posted by Lauren on March 20, 2007
The new shopping centre will have a positive and negative effect on the wider community. I personally enjoy the new shops but it wasnt all I thought it would be. The shops can give the community new jobs and is quite handy with the Big W. They will definitely make life harder for the local shops, but i would rather go to a friendly Big W, then to a stuck up snobs shop with overpriced clothes in Bowral. If they're unfriendly and snotty then I believe that it's only fair they go bankrupt. They do not deserve the profit with their negative attitudes. Get off your high horses you stuck up snobs. I you make a list of the positives and negatives of the new shops, im pretty sure the positives far outweigh the negatives. Keep in mind that the needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few. cheers Lauren
Big W Rocks!
Posted by Anonymous User on March 25, 2007
Its so coool!
It's good for the
Posted by Jackson on April 25, 2007
I am so sick of stuck up snobby people in this district. Go to your little boutiques in Bowral and sip on a latte and shut up. There is nothing wrong with having affordable prices, more jobs and more variety without having to travel to Campbelltown. All these snooty people care about is how much profit they are going to lose and how many BMW's they won't be able to afford this year. If they weren't so snooty and over-priced then they wouldn't need to worry. The ignorant snobs of this district are happy living in their expensive relaxed lifestyle that they don't realise that alot of decent people in this district are looking for jobs and a lot of people can't afford high prices.
Posted by Anonymous User on June 15, 2007
How amusing reading all of these reviews. Having lived in the Highlands for a number of years I must admit I regularly travel to Campbelltown, Wollongong or into Sydney to do shopping that just is not possible to do locally, I always will. But that is my choice. I am a firm believer that we are all equal no matter what we do or where we live and by having more choice in the local area to fit all budgets has to be an advantage. If you know of people who need to get to an ATM at the new centre perhaps you should volunteer to drive them there and help somebody out, or speak to the local member/councillors and bring this to their attention so that something can be done so they are not disadvantaged. I think there are far worse things to worry about in life than whether Big W or K-mart etc are in the Southern Highlands. After all we all have a choice of whether we shop in those establishments or not!
Fast and Cheap
Posted by Chicken on May 29, 2007
Hee Hee i think it is quite amusing that people get very hot over a Big W building! Yes i do agree that it is helpful in many ways for it provides a cheap and fast service. We are modern people and we only like things when they are cheap (to the point that it is almost free) and fast. The affordability of everything is very comforting for someone of my wealth. However does it really save us that much money in the end? (Not being snobby i promise) The stuff, (if i may call it stuff) that is there in the end becomes land fill (trying very hard not to be a greeny!!). The products are probably made in inhumane sweatshops in Tawain or main land China, where the people who actually make them are payed less than a dollar and hour. From there, people from our distirct benefit from the employment the retail center offers. We as the possesed consumers benefit from the affordability and the vareity it provides. What happened to quality? What happened to craftmenship? (I think it got lost somewhere in the belly of consumerism). It is centers like this that increase the American image of hanging out in the mall. Consumerism and materialsim pretty much overcome our society. I am only sad that i am a product of this fast and cheap society!.... I feel like shopping!!!
john on ethnicity
Posted by Anonymous User on January 22, 2008
two fingers to all you racists out there ie Posted by John at Thursday 01 March 2007
big w
Posted by jessica on May 22, 2008
big w is a place were you not need to go down town to get think cause big w GOT EVERYTHING like bigw,jayjays,cotton on,woolworthes,franklins its got everything YOU NEED...
juila,re less children
Posted by FERAL on July 6, 2008
Rip off
Posted by Lucy on January 18, 2009
Big W is a great place to shop. But when it comes to prices and certain things, the prices are too high. The christmas decorations? One ball for like $2. RIP OFF.
Big W
Posted by Anonymous User on April 22, 2009
I think Big W is a good thing. If some people are complaining becuase they are used to shopping locally, then they should continue shopping locally and just not shop at Big W. Nobody is making them.
Posted by BEC on July 26, 2009
what are you whinging for
Posted by Anonymous User on January 14, 2010
I dont live here, but from the comments of the people who do, I say it is great that mittagong has a big w and for julia less children get a life. As for you whinging people about petrol prizes how about you come to mid north coast Macksville were the price stays the same and never changes or we dont get the tuesday cheap petrol day. I also live in a town were it does,nt have a shopping mall like you do, we have more cafes,chemist,supermakets,and the most expensive co-op department store thats all we have. Then you have to go shopping at Coffs habour. My father lives here at mittagong and he likes what is getting build around here, so for the snobs go and get a life or live some were else. I like what is at the mall here at mittagong when I come for my holiday here.
big w
Posted by kelly-ann redding on May 24, 2010
when is big w coming to goulburn.
Ha Ha Ha
Posted by Anonymous User on November 25, 2010
It amazes me how many complaints us Australians have about everything. When will we realize that it has never worked in Parliament so why would it work with eachother? Maybe we need to think just a little more before we feed our negative comments. We are blessed people, for we have everything we need.
Cheaper does not equal "better"...
Posted by Jim on February 3, 2012
Folks who love the Woolworths / Big W juggernaut clearly aren't able to understand exactly how they are being shafted. Yes, Big W is cheaper. That is because the products are inferior and are made by virtual slave labour in China - or suppliers have been screwed down on prices (dairy farmers / fruit growers are an example). Rest assured, they still make a 60%+ profit on nearly every item instore. They are not doing you any favours whatsoever - they are taking us all for mugs. Many of the so-called "whingers" below want to shop in stores where they get a. personal service b. quality products at a 'fair' price (fair for producer AND consumer) c. a real choice By way of example: Big W sells Top 20 CDs at a reduced price and very little else (they do this by screwing-down the record labels - result: much less money for developing new artists amongst other things). You want to buy a CD which isn't Top 20??? Forget trying to find it in a local CD store - there isn't one. It's been forced out of business because Big W cornered the market for the "big sellers". The joy of flicking through a rack of unfamiliar albums and finding a hidden gem is now gone forever. It's Top 20 latest Idol-winner drivel or nothing else... THAT is what the folks below are "whinging" about. Same goes for books and bookstores...Sad... Big supermarkets did the same thing in the UK as Woolworths and Coles are doing here now. Milk in the UK now comes from Holland. There is no dairy industry left to speak of in the UK. "Good for local jobs"? Who are you people kidding?...yourselves, me thinks...
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