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For more information, contact Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique on 4861 2571.

Reviews (11)

Northbridge Store (review: Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique)
I love this store. Every time I visit, the lady behind the counter is so friendly and helpful. Even when I have tried on 3 pairs of shoes and not bought any at the time, she is still so lovely and welcomes me back each time. I have a suggestion though. Please start a VIP member club: I would like to be notified at sale time.
Posted by Unknown User at Wednesday 6th June, 2012
Rude and Pompous customer service. (review: Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique)
I am a big spender of fine shoes. I was in Bowral over the weekend when I saw Nina Leon's Shoes store. I went in to buy some shoes but the owner was snoooty and rude. I will never go into this store ever again. I will take my spending power elsewere. Do not delete this the consumer/shopper should know what type of service they are getting.
Posted by Unknown User at Monday 11th July, 2011
HAPPY CUSTOMER FROM SYDNEY (review: Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique)
I have purchased 4 pairs of shoes since Oct 2010 from the Bowral Store. The quality is excellent. Each Time I was served by the owner who was very helpful on all occasions. I am just about to take another trip there to have a look for boots for winter. On the last trip in November 2010 the owner directed my husband and I to his Mens Store around the corner. Again the lady assistant there was very helpful - we purchased 3 items there. Quality was great. My husband purchased boots - he is fussy and finally found a pair that were comfortable and looked great.
Posted by Unknown User at Friday 18th March, 2011
Rude and Unfriendly Customer Service (review: Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique)
I was in Bowral over the weekend. I was looking for some shoes and found Nina Leon's. Unfortunately I was served by a pompous arrogant salesman that thought he was better than slice bread and all he wanted to do was make the sale. In future he should think about the power of the customer and that if the service is unfriendly the customer will not return and make that big sale. I will take my spending power elsewhere - I am sure it will be appreciated elsewhere. My complaint is valid so please do not delete. People have the right to know. 27 November 2010
Posted by Unknown User at Tuesday 30th November, 2010
Very good customer service (review: Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique)
Reading these reviews I am rather surprised at the negative. Firstly I live in St Ives so I am aware of that store, I have purchased many pairs of shoes from there and on many occassions I have been served by the owner, I think his name is Paul. I find him very helpful and I always leave the store happy with my purchases. I visited his Bowral store a few weeks ago and who do I find behind the counter..the owner once again. I was very impressed with the sale items.
Posted by Winnie at Friday 28th August, 2009
Manager of St Ives Store Obliging (review: Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique)
I have never shopped at the Mittagong store, however looked at this website hoping to see shoe designs online. I have always shopped at the St Ives Store of Nina Leon and can not praise highly enough how attentive, pleasant and the fabulous service I have received from the Manager there. You get what you pay for and I have always found that their shoes last twice as long as any I have purchased elsewhere.
Posted by Jo-anne at Tuesday 28th October, 2008
Sale Time (review: Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique)
I have shopped at Nina Leon and been assisted quite helpfully by the owner,I have always found him to be both truthful and pleasant. I also work in retail so I can understand how difficult it is to deal with people who think they are the exception to every rule. I believe I was in the store the day Sue Page had her altercation with the owner, I personally do not know how he remained so calm in the face of such arrogant abuse. All that and this? For a pair of half price shoes?
Posted by Erin Moore at Sunday 15th June, 2008
Terrific value, thanks! (review: Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique)
I am very appreciative of your help and delighted with the prices I paid for the shoes I have bought for my wife. We were in Milan in February and we would have paid almost twice the price we paid in your Bowral store. Thank you again.
Posted by Adrian Selnik at Wednesday 14th November, 2007
Great shoes... Fantastic service (review: Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique)
I have bought many shoes at not only the Bowral Nina Leon's but also at their Sydney stores, their range and service has always been faultless.
Posted by Joyce at Friday 2nd November, 2007
Service? (review: Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique)
Tried to buy some shoes for my girlfriend, the owner is arrogant and rude. Would not recommend this store to anyone.
Posted by Richard Williams at Thursday 1st November, 2007
Unhappy Review (review: Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique)
Sadly mine is not a good review. I have purchased many shoes at Nina Leon's Boutique but the only time I actually encountered the owner of Nina Leon's Shoe Boutique was last week and I found him to be quite unaccommodating and actually untruthful about his 1/2 price sale. He refused to hold a pair of shoes for me for 3 days when I offered to leave $100 holding deposit (the shoes cost $325 which is a third) as he said he was returning all his winter stock to Melbourne in the next day or so. Even if I never returned to collect the shoes, he would have made $100 and still been able to sell the shoes. However I returned 5 days later to find that the sale was still on he had not sent any stock to Melbourne. I purchased the shoes elsewhere for a cheaper price and will not be shopping in his store in the future. I found him to have a pompous and arrogant attitude and quite frankly, after all, he is only a shoes salesman for goodness sakes and a bad one at that!
Posted by Sue Page at Monday 16th July, 2007

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