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Harvey Norman have all your electrical and computer needs. Visit the Moss Vale store to see our huge range and find everything from the latest home entertainment systems and the best computer technology, to the most stylish and innovative home appliances available.

For more information, contact Harvey Norman on (02) 4868 1039.

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There are currently 64 reviews listed for Harvey Norman. Please note that these reviews are not the opinions of this website.

Harvey Norman return policy

Posted by Ebenezer at Friday 25 February 2011

This is to reply for the Harvey staff member who praised Harvey a lot. You can't sell a defective item to customer whether you know it or not. If you do, you have to replace it with new.

If Harvey Norman's return policy doesn't allow this, then I should not buy from Harvey Norman.

For your information, Dick Smith offers 14 days money back guarantee, ALDI offers 60 Days and no hassles in Bunnings.

These stores will refund in full even if you change your mind.

Bad After Sales Service

Posted by Anonymous User at Saturday 05 February 2011

Bought a laptop for my daughter, it was 8 months old - still under warrenty and had extened warrenty taken out on it. Had trouble with charger and brought it back. No Joy What So Ever!!!! HN is sayin Toshiba wont cover it on warrenty!! A load of Bull ****. I will never purchase another item in Harvey Normans. Staff seem to give you the same spin off to get rid of u.

Harvey Norman's Quality is a Shame

Posted by Anonymous User at Friday 22 October 2010

I Bought a couch from Harvey Norman and right from the start, when it came in boxes, the quality of the couch was very poor. It took months to replace the pieces that were of poor quality. It still a crap couch and all I can say to Harvey Norman is that your standards have really gone out the door, I will never buy from Harvey Norman again,not even a disc. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

With arms wide open (at least i thought they were until i stumbled across this forum)

Posted by John Croffard at Sunday 23 May 2010

For those who dont know me, i have become what some would call 'infamous'. First of all, you question if i really do exist, well yes i do, how else would i be writing this review?

For those that poke fun at me, you are a real piece of work and you dont see me poking fun at that guy with the blind daughter who kept breathing on her nintendo DS and breaking it.

And as for my special friend and critic 'Kate', just you try and negotiate a 90 degree bend on a scooter around the trolley bay while simultaneously holding a copy of Arch Nemesis Heroes of Time and Space II. not likely kate, and besides, your probably old enough to be my mum.

Well im back at Harvey Norman now, after Tandy in their infinite wisdom decided to reduce their range of PC Gaming titles, i couldnt even get hold of a copy of Nefarious Atlantis: battle cruiser 2950 ( return of the Floon merchants ). Sure, Harvey norman have the range, but i wasnt impressed with some of their staff. Especially you Jason, you are a real piece of work, Id open a store and hire you, just so i could turn around and fire you on the spot, bang, gone. wakeup buddy, technology is evolving, unlike the functions of your prehistoric brain. Get the latest copy of PC Powerplay and get with the program.


lala land

Posted by Anonymous User at Sunday 21 March 2010

it was fantastic it like your in heavan its got every thing in there

the 7 year old should get his refund

Posted by Anonymous User at Monday 15 March 2010

Harvey Norman MUST refund the 7 year old boy's money, regardless of their policy or the rubbish they spouted to the customer. If he bought it believing it would work and it didn't, it is not fit for the purpose. The other thing is- he is 7 years old and HN should have made dammed sure it would work before taking his money otherwise it is unconscionable conduct bordering on deception. If his mother bought it on his behalf beleiving it would work and it didn't- smae thing, not fir for the purpose. All you have to do is communicate the purpose for which you want it- if it doesn't work- REFUND. Not exchange, REFUND. That is the law. HN is not above it and never has been. Software can only be tested out of the box to determine it functions- they cannot use the 'it's been opened policy' or saying people copy them or whatever. That is not your problem- it is theirs and does not affect your right to a refund.

If the item was faulty- there's no argument whatsoever- the must REFUND you- you have the choice not them.


Posted by Anonymous User at Saturday 27 February 2010

Harvey Norman staff don't believe they are above everyone else, they don't look at customers like they are total idiots and they don't rip people off. I can tell you now that extended warranties are recommended for ANY product - its like purchasing home insurance. One could purchase a $4000 Miele washing machine (Made in Germany - The best of the best) and it could break down in a matter of weeks. Point is... staff do not KNOW which stock is faulty and which is not.. that it purely a supplier/brand issue.. and its up to them to improve their products.. not at the store level.

Someone also mentioned that repairs - Harvey norman OUTSOURCED repairs take too long - you are totally wrong.. for your information, repairs are sent TO THE SUPPLIER by the stores for you. By all means, feel free to lug a massive prodct half way across the world yourself, but it still takes the same duration to fix.

It is sent through the store to ensure that you DO NOT PAY for REPAIRS and LABOUR as they are verifying it is under warranty for you.

Oh and way, being in customer service and knowing a lot about everything.. with the rapid development of technology and its convinience, customers are constantly in a state of haste a 5-6minute wait for help seems like an eternity and a monster customer has developed. hence, that leads to the impatience vented on this forum.

god didnt click his fingers to create the world.... so dont expect your finger clicking to work when you are a customer WHEREVER YOU GO.

A+++++++++++++++++ service to harvey norman

worse ever

Posted by Anonymous User at Friday 26 February 2010

best to shop at jb, hn is just a rip, all the salesperson cares about is there back pocket.

Bad Customer Service from Harvey Norman

Posted by Anonymous User at Saturday 20 February 2010

Purchased a ASUS Eee PC and from day one it was faulty, contacted Harvey Norman and they did'nt want a bar of it.

Said to contact ASUS which we did and after the unit being sent and returned twice still with the same problem we are no better of.

The point is Harvey Norman should offer and instant refund or replacement unit if a customer returns the item and its faulty.

Forget the fancy and inviting no interest,no repayments, no deposit offers that Harvey Norman push on television. They mean very little if you end up with a faulty product.

Stick with another supplier who will actually provide some kind of after sales service and stand by products and brands that they sell.

If you can't stand by a brand, don't stock it!

Visually Impaired not supported by Harvey!

Posted by Anonymous User at Thursday 18 February 2010

After taking a faulty product back and having received a call to come in, I went to Harvey Norman today to discuss.

My daughter is severely visually impaired (legally blind) we brought her a DSI for her birthday in October because she is able to hold it close to her face and play some of the games (granted there we have only found 2 games that she can see enough to play, but it is enough to make her happy). The DS stopped turning on all of a sudden last week. So I rang and made arrangements for them to send it back to Nintendo...

So received the call. Water Damage was the verdict. Not possible. She is always in the company of an adult carer (as she is not cane trained as yet, she is always assisted)

I was then told by the person I spoke to that going from a cold place to a hot place could cause moisture to enter the system. Mmm.. ok then... not sure if that's right..

When I went to see the manager in the store and explain that my daughter is visually impaired at that there is no way that she could have wet the DS without my knowledge or the knowledge of her disability carer, I was told that they were sorry but there was nothing they could do. AND I had to pay $30 if I wanted to get the machine back. I asked if it could have been damaged from the way she holds it close to her face, maybe her breath had cause the condensation or something.. (the only thing I can think of) and was told that this was "mis use of the product" although they were quite aware of the fact that she would be holding it close to her face because we had her try it at the store before we got it for her. I was a little upset that they would say that it was mis used and felt as if I was being attacked by the 2 men who were looking at me like I was an idiot, so I asked for the procedure to take the matter further. One of the sales reps said to me "look you obviously have an emotional issue..." I was so humiliated and belittled. I asked for a refund for the extended warranty. No. Walked out of there with an email address for someone and heard a chuckle as I left. The unit was not "wet" and if you are not allowed to hold it near your face then someone should have said that when she was in the shop trying it out! She goes to hospital next week, can't see TV because to see it she has her face about 5cm away from the screen, now no DS to pass the time.

Thanks for nothing Harvey I hope you are never in a situation like this.


Posted by Dave at Tuesday 29 December 2009

All I have learnt from this thread, while looking up info on a Harvey Norman lounge is; Dont go to the Southern Highlands, the residents seem to be a bunch of whinging self obsessed wankers.

To the staff at HN Mossvale, or any other store that has to serve these people that are clearly better then anyone else,

Good Luck - you need it.

John the geek

Posted by Anonymous User at Saturday 11 July 2009

To everyone who is biting at the reviews left by John the massive geek, if you cannot tell that he is taking the p*ss then clearly the joke is on you.

Oh, and dont paint all HN stores with the same brush, they are individually franchised, and some are run by such imcompetent people that none of the horror stories ive read here surprise me.


Posted by Johnny at Tuesday 31 March 2009

I would have to say that Harvey Norman is one of the best places to shop, sure they are a little expensive but at the end of the day I always get what I want way cheaper than any other retailer.

The service is never pushy and in your face,

Just great service.

The extended warranty is one of the best in the industry

Plus Gerry backs Aussies made companies, AND SO SHOULD YOU!!!

Harvey Norman

Posted by Jason at Friday 06 March 2009

You should never be surprised about bad service at Harvey Norman. Almost every staff member in the store is on commission - if you stand in front of a product with no margin, such as a sale item, there is no commission to be made - work it out! Ask staff to explain Flexirent to you - see how good the service becomes when HN have an opportunity to sell you products you don't need at over-inflated prices, and sign you up to a Flexirent agreement which costs you much more than other payment methods, and certainly costs them a lot less than you choosing the interest free option!

I'm only just getting started Gerry......

Service and staff!!!

Posted by Alex at Wednesday 25 February 2009

The service was very good and the staff member who help me was very excellent at what I needed like the prices, the features, the extras and everything else that i needed. Even though i was waiting for 5 to 8 mins to be served. Harvey Norman has good service and needs to improve it a little bit.

bad service...guarantee

Posted by RON BUTLER at Friday 06 February 2009

I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE AND HATE HARVEY NORMAN.............TV BROKE DOWN AFTER 4 months...guess what still no tv this has been like for 7 weeks now....hmmm hope my wife isn;t pregnant again..nothing else to do at night.....whats on tv...we haven't got one remember ..oh yes how about what's on the radio.....HARVEY NORMAN>...YOU HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE BACKUP WHATSOEVER.....

I want my laptop back!

Posted by Anonymous User at Wednesday 04 February 2009

Well my laptop's fan stopped working after a year.. which was okay because i had extended warrenty.. took it in to be fixed and it had been in for a month before i had to go overseas, thinking it would be fixed by the time im back. The called me overseas and said it was waiting on parts. So i came back from overseas and came into the store to check how its going.. they said it would be 2-3 weeks before they even recieve the part.. and they said they would ring me in a week to update me. They didnt ring.. now it has been 3 months since i first put my laptop in and i have to go back to uni in a dif state soon.. and will have a major problem if i dont get my laptop back before thn. I just wish Harvy normal would take interest in repairing its goods. A job like this shouldnt of taken longer than a week or atleast a month.

After Sales Service - Harvey Norman

Posted by Sharon Kelly at Thursday 29 January 2009

Even though I believe this will be a waste of time, I would like to comment on the poor to non existent after sales services experienced at Harvey Norman. We purchased a Plazma TV a couple of years ago with the specific brand being highly recommended by the sales person.

Within 1 year the TV required serious repairs that took 2 months to complete.

12 months later, low and behold, again required repairs.

Luckily we took out an extended warranty or we would have had to pay for these second significant repairs. Apparently Harvey Norman outsource repairs and effectively take no further responsibility.

We put this TV in for repairs mid November and were told today it will be at least another 2 - 3 weeks before we will get the TV back. That is nearly 3 months. Not acceptable in anyone's terms I would have thought.

I will never buy another item at Harvey Norman given this experience.

Never shop at harvey norman without checking its returns policy

Posted by Anonymous User at Thursday 22 January 2009

I think the thing I hate the most about harvey norman is its returns policy. Although it is legal, it's really annoying. Most stores will offer a refund or at least an exchange if the product is in its original packaging and unopened. At the store I work in we even offer exchanges for people who have opened the packaging and changed their minds.

Where is my game???

Posted by Kate at Wednesday 07 January 2009

uhhh?? where are your brains? If you can't ride your scooter then WALK! You are a prime example of an annoyingly stupid customer (probably the reason why employees of Harvey Norman can't be bothered) I don't work for HN but I work in customer service and it is idiots like you that make me wonder why I bother. OFCOURSE you can't sit on the bed! Who would buy a blood stained bed?? You sound like a nut! if you don't like the service don't shop there! but it sounds to me like it wouldn't matter where you went you would find something not PERFECT! Grow a brain and sell your scooter! I don't even know you and you already annoy me (where did the days go when you had to take responsibility for your own actions???)

I think they are great

Posted by kyle at Friday 26 December 2008


i went to hervey norman a few days ago and went looking fo a stereo for my parents, just to let you all know, im only 15, and i saw a nice stereo about $100, they didnt have any in stock though but he offered me another one, which was even better, it was on special for $139 but, without me even asking him, he knocked another $20, yesturday we set it all up, and its is insane, i've got both thunbs up for harvey in midland WA.

HN sucks

Posted by Anonymous User at Sunday 07 December 2008

Hi Gerry, Looking forward to your arse hitting the wall real soon...Fxxking crooks...interest free my bum. The worst retailer in Aus. AVOID AT ALL COSTS...

In response to "where is my game"

Posted by Anonymous User at Friday 28 November 2008

Im curious to know why you went back into the store and demanded someone be fired because you over corrected your turn and hit a trolley.

Its not really anyone's fault but your own that you cant ride your scooter!

Great Service & Friendly

Posted by Stewart Thompson at Monday 03 November 2008

I been going to Harvey Norman Computers Moss Vale for the last 3 years I always get a great price with great service.

If i have any problems they fix it with no fuss.

Keep up the Great Work

Thanks Stewart

Why Harvey Norman?

Posted by Yash at Monday 06 October 2008


I just have a small question. I am doing a University project on Harvey Norman and would like to know your views on why people like to buy IT products from Harvey Norman in Australia as they have the largest share in the market with 38%.

Please Help

Unsatisfied Buyer

Posted by Anonymous User at Wednesday 24 September 2008

I am certainly not shocked to be reading all these reviews of Harvey Norman's unreliable service.

When the delivery arrived in the morning, at first i was pleased.

As I opened the boxed packages, my delivery was not what i ordered.

I ordered new furniture, which generally means, furniture without scratches or scrapes or worn out leather.

To top it off, the bed delivered was not what i had ordered. It didnt even match the bedside cabinets!

Shopping at Harvey Norman has not at all been a pleasing experience!

I don't know what everyone's going about!

Posted by Anonymous User at Sunday 10 August 2008

I read all the reviews and they all make Harvey Norman seem like the worst place to shop. I have to admit.. service is a bit slow.. and there was a particular man that seemed to not want to price us on things unless he was sure we were gonna buy them there and then. We just simply got someone else to help.

Yes they are a little bit dearer but if u shop around they beat any price!

I personaly think that if you don't ask for a discount your not going to get one.

Good shop/Bad site

Posted by Anonymous User at Friday 18 July 2008

A good shop but the site is a bit difficult to use.


Posted by john @ hghlnds by dsgn at Thursday 17 July 2008

@Peter Beswick

Dude, don't get so worked up... it's just a website! I first thought your review was a prank, but the person I had assumed was behind it absolutely denied it. I guess you must actually exist :)

Anyway, the site is not closing down, but it will be replaced with something else we've kinda been working on in our spare time. We have no idea when, but there's no rush.

In regards to the 'less than local' reviews, the way I see it, if someone spends even 5 minutes of their time commenting on something, it's their right to be heard. As we've planned to replace this site for a while, if we leave the outsider reviews up, we can move them across to the proper Harvey Norman stores later. We also do delete the few reviews each day that had very little thought/spam whenever we get a chance.

Thanks for the kind words :)

Love, john


Posted by Peter Beswick at Thursday 17 July 2008

I can't believe the nonsense in this website.

Most of these reviews do not even relate to the local Harvey Norman and are as far off field as Tasmania.

The a***holes that set up this site are not even prepared to be responsible enough to monitor the reviews.

No wonder this site is closing down. It is crap.

Thank God there are good local sites such as .yourguide.com.au, or Ourpatch.com.au which are at least designed for ease of usability and are genuinely local with real people managing them.

Repair agent

Posted by Anonymous User at Thursday 03 July 2008



Ask for Paul, Simon or Ryan within the electrical department, ive dealt with all of them recently in the purchase and fit of my new home. greats guys.

You know what??? nothing??

Posted by Anonymous User at Thursday 03 July 2008

QUOTE/Posted by John Croffard at Monday 28 April 2008

Hi again guys

Well this is John Croffard again, and yes i have another problem with HARVEY NORMAN. Not long ago did i meet a great lass in canada steph/24/F/Ontario also warhammers orcs afficianado, but thats beside the point, that i thought after playing online WoW ( World of Warcraft to you non tech savvy types ) i decided to invest in a web cam to see her all the way over there in the land of maple syrup and mounties.

Well as usual ol' Harvey had a trick up his sleeve. Obviously Mr Norman hires people who are deficient in the knowledge and inner workings of webcams, as simple questions along the lines of 'does this webcam have plug and play capability' fly over the so called 'computer tech staff' that work in the evil clutches amongst the harvey warlords. Or should i say, if i was russian, those capitalist bourgeoise land owning serf abusing fiends who spit on us working class. And what was even more galling, they had the hide to question my immense reportiore of immense technical nous. Isn't the customer always right?? I see Harvey on the TV saying how people friendly his company is and to be treated like a russian pleb is extremely distressing as i consider Harvey Norman to be my one stop shop for all things 'tech'.

Anyway to cut it short, got the web cam, didnt marry up with my system, cant see steph/24/ontario warhammer expert ( hey steph ;) )

but she can somehow see me, and she doesnt even chat me anymore cause of the quality of the webcam feed. So anyway after drowing my sorrows with a 4 pack of redbull and a box of crispy Kreams, Iv'e Decided that Tandy is my shop of choice. I would Sink as low as to go to Dick Smith before i went to Harvey Norman. /QUOTE

A little advice for my immense reportiore of immense technical nous friend. If she can see you the webcam works, if you cant see her, hers doesnt or you are suffering from whats called "user error". Funny how she can see you but you cant see her, then all of a sudden she no longer wants to talk to you anymore?? I dont think theres anything wrong with communication, just the person wanting to communicate, or lack there of...


Posted by Anonymous User at Wednesday 02 July 2008

hi i work in harveys in ireland in our store we thrive on great customer care and after sales care we befriend a customer make them feel welcomed and help out the best we can, so for the few disgruntled customers out there im sure we apologised and its unfortunate you do not wish to shop with us again your custom is always appreciated and well catered for, so just a reminder we are not all bad.

what the F!@#$

Posted by Anonymous User at Monday 02 June 2008

i'm trying to get around this website!!!

i can't seem to find what i'm looking for...hellllloooo

i bought a dryer, a washing machine and a fridge from harvey norman, i'm trying to find out where i can take my dryer to get fixed... it just won't work...

pls help me


Posted by Cris M at Friday 30 May 2008

Wow, people really do hate Harvey Norman for some reason. Couldn't be their awesomely great service and cheap prices could it?

Computer from HNorman Chirnside Park

Posted by Janet Dale at Sunday 25 May 2008

Thought I was rapt by the help and service when I decided to rent a computer (my old one suffered a major meltdown - and it was old!). I truly was wiped out by the help and care from the salesmanship, and he was only a person trying to pay his way through uni. Do they earn a commission from GE? Trouble is that he failed to mention that the Microsoft on the computer sold to me was only a trial version! Now I am up for a probable $300-$400 to get my computer working at a basic level.The salesman knew of my very basic computer literacy, and I am really annoyed that he didn't care about my ongoing happiness with the product he sold me. I have been in retail for years and the old theory was that we were there for the customer.

Had an expert come to make sure that it wasn't something that I had done wrong - SO relieved that it wasn't! I now have about 6 weeks before my computer stops working, unless I can get either the money or Harvey Norman to help.

Everyone is quite right though - WHERE IS THE CONTACT WITH HARVEY NORMAN?

PS Thanks for the laugh that I needed - "ilyk sheep"10 Sept. 2007


Posted by Anonymous User at Friday 02 May 2008


web cam?? pleb cam!!

Posted by John Croffard at Monday 28 April 2008

Hi again guys

Well this is John Croffard again, and yes i have another problem with HARVEY NORMAN. Not long ago did i meet a great lass in canada steph/24/F/Ontario also warhammers orcs afficianado, but thats beside the point, that i thought after playing online WoW ( World of Warcraft to you non tech savvy types ) i decided to invest in a web cam to see her all the way over there in the land of maple syrup and mounties.

Well as usual ol' Harvey had a trick up his sleeve. Obviously Mr Norman hires people who are deficient in the knowledge and inner workings of webcams, as simple questions along the lines of 'does this webcam have plug and play capability' fly over the so called 'computer tech staff' that work in the evil clutches amongst the harvey warlords. Or should i say, if i was russian, those capitalist bourgeoise land owning serf abusing fiends who spit on us working class. And what was even more galling, they had the hide to question my immense reportiore of immense technical nous. Isn't the customer always right?? I see Harvey on the TV saying how people friendly his company is and to be treated like a russian pleb is extremely distressing as i consider Harvey Norman to be my one stop shop for all things 'tech'.

Anyway to cut it short, got the web cam, didnt marry up with my system, cant see steph/24/ontario warhammer expert ( hey steph ;) )

but she can somehow see me, and she doesnt even chat me anymore cause of the quality of the webcam feed. So anyway after drowing my sorrows with a 4 pack of redbull and a box of crispy Kreams, Iv'e Decided that Tandy is my shop of choice. I would Sink as low as to go to Dick Smith before i went to Harvey Norman.

Farewell Harvey, youve been great to me....


P.S you LAN cables are second rate and

our relationship was great

our relationship was gold

but farewell harvey

tandy ive been sold

uncaring misplacers

Posted by UPSET MOSS VALE at Wednesday 23 April 2008

i recently had my computer re booted and part of the contract with them was that they back up all my photos to disc for re instillation after they were finished fixing my pc then after all this i pay for the service and find they have lost my disc with photos of my only daughters birth and of me holding her for the very first times these things are irriplacable and i no longer have baby photos of my daughter way to harvey norman moss vale if i had a leg to stand on i would love to take them to court for negligence and sheer stupidity i would love to know what they would do if it was there personal treasures taken away from them GET ORGANISED AND LEARN HOW TO MANAGE YOUR FILES YOU DONT THROW AWAY PEOPLES PHOTOS

Good After Sales Service

Posted by John Moss Vale at Friday 21 March 2008

I bought a new compaq laptop on the 12/2/2008 from harvey norman moss vale the laptop only worked for seven days I went to the store straight away and spoke to the tech Brett and the franchise Troy about my problem they said i had to leave there for them to test to make sure it was not something simple.

I left it with them I had a phone call that afternoon that is was faulty and i can come pick up a new laptop that afternoon.

New laptop is working perfect.

They made the process so easy and fixed my problem quickly

Thanks Guys

Very Happy

Posted by Peter Thomson Of Mittagong at Friday 21 March 2008

I have been shopping at Harvey Norman Moss Vale

for the past 3 years with computer products

I have always found the staff very help full

and friendly also every time i have asked for a discount they

have done a good deal.

Keep up the good work

Thanks Peter

Where is my Game??

Posted by John Croffard, Bowral at Thursday 20 March 2008

Dont start on me about Harvey norman. A While back i went there to buy the PC game Arch Nemesis Heroes Of Time And Space II (expansion pack). As i love the game and wish to expand it to add more dimesions to game play, anyway thats beside the point. I ordered this game in december last year, a few months before its release. Anyway the game was released and i proceeded to Harvey Norman to collect my reseved copy... And then my own little world came crashin down around me. funnily enough MY RESERVED COPY WAS NOT THERE, i was disgusted as i had waited all summer for the release. All my online friends got copies of it and told me how good it was, especially MIKE152BOSTON. So anyway after arguing with the computer guy at harvey norman about my reserved copy, i decided to order it again, as we were going around in circles. I was like , my god, guys ill trust you again. Then they told me my card to place the down payment for the game had insufficient funds. Well i had just payed for some tribal war orc figures from the warhammer store and i know i had the money, so there we were, arguing about it again. I left in such a huff and puff from hearing so many blatant lies that when i went to drive off on my scooter i over corrected to the left and hit one of the harvey norman trolleys out in the carpark. Anyway with 500 dollars damage to my scooter and a badly grazed knee, i hobbled back in and shouted for the manager to help me and that the trolley guy should be fired on the spot , bang, gone. I hopped over to the Racing car bed to sit down and the manager told me i couldnt sit there because i could bleed on the mattress. CAN U BELIEVE THIS?? SO there you have it, my Horror Harvey Norman story. Since then ive had an orthoroscopy on my knee because something is wrong with it, and ive put on at least 12 kilos because im pretty much immobile. i find it hard to even get to the toilet from my computer and my mother isnt happy about me eating in front of the computer. SO THANKS ALOT HARVEY, YOU LOST ME

P.S your computer game titles werent interesting or challenging anyway and your computer 'expert' doesnt know his ram from his rom or his processor CB15's from his High Arc slotdrivers.

yours NEVER

Very Good Service

Posted by Mark Conway at Saturday 15 March 2008

We needed to buy a desktop pc I went to 3 other stores in the southern Highlands No one offerd the same service or priceing as they did at Harveys Moss Vale

They were very helpfull I will shop there again.

epson printer

Posted by unhappy at Friday 14 March 2008

Bought a epson printer 5 days and 2 printes later it was saying the yellow cartrage was empty took it back to HV thay asked if i had rang the company wheel i had it for 5 days Hv were happy to replace cartrage so back home 2 days 3 prites later it happened agin so i took it back tecnition rang to say it looks fine when i asked what he did he said it just looked fine. Got to the store and asked for a print out he hadent even pluged it into the wall and said he asnt got the programe for it the disc was in the box a day later rang to say it was ready picked it up, he said if it happends agin ring the company well plug it in the wall and u guessed it still the same problem getting hold of the company well good luck one hour with them and still the same problem HV keep up the good work willnever shop there agin

Re:lost two generations

Posted by Anonymous User at Thursday 13 March 2008

99% of the places that sell software dont refund them, you should however be able to get an exchange only. This is because people buy em, copy then refund the software.

Re: lost two generations (22 Oct 2007) & No Refund

Posted by Trish Watson at Saturday 09 February 2008

I have been shopping at Harvey Norman for years and have always found the service and prices great. I bought a ps2 game for my son for Xmas and it froze at the start of the game, I took it back and they were happy to exchange it, if it was faulty, they checked it there and then exchanged it and the new game was fine. I am in Perth and I have found that due to the fact that Harvey Norman is franchised it depends on the store.


Posted by Anonymous User at Saturday 02 February 2008

When I am at your store you have everything laid out for everyone in neatness and your service is great too but when I was on your website I couldn't do anything and I couldn't find what I was looking for and there was all these that kept popping up so could you make sure your website is easy to get around.

Harvey Norman

Posted by Grooblings at Saturday 26 January 2008

Re: lost two generations (22 Oct 2007) & No Refund

If salespeople say that the shop has a 'No Exchange, No Refund' policy (or displays signs to that effect), that does not affect your rights to an exchange or refund under the law.

If the trader or tradesperson refuses to discuss a remedy, then you should get legal advice or contact your Consumer Affairs (or Fair Trading) Department in your State /Territory.

Late game

Posted by Anonymous User at Tuesday 22 January 2008

I preorderd a Pc game on the 28/12/07 and they said it would arrive next monday. I rang up on the monday and asked is the game in yet and they said no, next monday. I then rang again on the monday to find that it hadn't come in yet and that it would be in latewr that week. My mother rang up a couple of days later and asked what was going on but they simply said that their suppliers had been running late, next shipment will be in on monday. I then rang up on monday and they still havent got it in yet. Tuesday, no. My mother then went to the store and asked when will it be in? they said they must have an order of at least $500 so as they don't have to buy more later on and that the total price at the moment is at $380. They then said monday. Still Haven't recieved game after 4 weeks (1 month.)

more than happy

Posted by Anonymous User at Monday 14 January 2008

i recently purchased 3 items from Harvey Norman. i asked for discount and got it! asked for quick delivery and its comin in 2 days.. and the service was excellent. they were very friendly and one of the male employees was so good lookin i wanted to take him home!!

Are you being served?

Posted by Kate C at Friday 28 December 2007

I live in the Southern Highlands and have thought to use HV at Moss Vale for several different items over the years. I have been in there on separate occassions for a laptop, printer, lounge suite, dining table, and most recently a Sony Bravia LCD tv with surround sound set-up. (Note I have never actually purchased anything from this store because their service is so incredibly terrible)! I shopped there yesterday (27.12.07) being the first place I went to because it is local and it's the holidays. I must have been in the store standing infront of the X series 52" lcd screen for a good half an hour. Staff wandered past me and my husband and we decided that we would see just how long it would take for someone to even say "hi, can I help you?" We looked straight at some of the staff and it was like we were invisible! We eventually took ourselves to the payment counter and enquired to the girl if the 46" lcd was in stock. She looked it up and told us they were all out but that she could order it in. We were not looking to order it in and although she was pleasant, her job was clearly to be at the counter taking money, not selling the merchandise! It is such a shame that local businesses cannot be more helpful. We took our business to Sydney and purchased the exact television we wanted at a fantastic price at JB Hi Fi. They were run off their feet busy but we no sooner walked into the store and a staff member greeted us and said he wouldn't be long. Within 2 minutes we were served.

Perhaps the manager at HV Moss Vale from the TV department should enquire just what the heck his staff were thinking letting a $4600 sale walk out of their store? I would have thought that making the experience in a local store to a local customer was imperative. Obviously not. I will not be going there EVER again and I will be advising others of my experience.

lost two generations

Posted by philip grice at Monday 22 October 2007

both my sons were home from school sick last week!

my youngest is only seven just turned and with the money for his birthday wanted a game for his nintendo ,as he was ill my wife went to harvey norman and bought it there but it did not work in his console it was never used 1she then tried to return it and was told no refunds or exchanges that is HARVEY normans policy no if buts or maybes so beware . try telling that to a seven year old

not happy

Posted by joy at Monday 22 October 2007

i brought an item from one of there stores was told it will take a week we will post it to you three weeks later still waiting and am still waiting for the person to ring me back after two hours to tell me were it has got to as we live three hours from a big shopping center i am not happy with the service

joy in miles

he who laughs last thinks slowest

Posted by ilyk sheep at Monday 10 September 2007

He who laughs last thinks slowest.

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film.

A day without sunshine is like, well, night.

On the other hand you have different fingers.

Change is inevitable except from a vending machine.

I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.

When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty.

Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it.

Those who live by the sword... get shot by those who don't.

I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.

He's not dead... he's electroencephalographically challenged.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you.

I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges.

Honk if you love peace and quiet.

Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how it remains so popular?

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

It is hard to understand how a cemetery raised its burial cost and blamed it on the cost of living.

The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.

It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end, someone would be stupid enough to try and pass them.

You can't have everything....where would you put it?

Latest survey shows that 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the world's population.

The things that come to those who wait, may be the things left by those who got there first.

A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.

It was recently discovered that research causes cancer in rats.

I wished the buck stopped here as I could use a few.

I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Really Great Service

Posted by Nicole Martins at Wednesday 22 August 2007

I needed a Laptop for my daughter i went to 4 difrint stores in southern highlands only harvey norman in moss vale explaned every thing to me about laptops and they had a great range I had a cheaper price from dicksmith and Troy the manager did a better price no questions asked.

I even got a phone call a week later asking how every thing was going.

Thanks Troy & Harvey Norman

Buyer just beware and please do lots of research!

Posted by Jenn at Monday 13 August 2007

We have had two transactions with Harvey Norman and both were ONLY because they offer GE interest free financing...NOT because of their customer service by ANY stretch of the imagination. We have been to many of the stores talking to many different sales staff and WE know more about furniture than they do!! God forbid you ask them what kind of foam or wood is used in a lounge suite! You'll be there all day if you need an answer! Our first couch, the "Brooklyn" which they still sell was a total piece of crap. We spent 2500 dollars, scotch guarded it, etc. The cushions sunk right down within 2 weeks, and the material on the back cushions gets all crinkled and makes it look really old. We had to hound the hell out of them for months just to get them to replace the foam that has a 10 year warranty on it, and it did the same thing again!!! So after we gave up getting service on that couch, we thought we would buy something firmer that wouldn't go flat on us again within two weeks!

So then we went and bought the "Florence" suite after looking at literally hundreds of couches at several different retaiilers. We asked SO many questions and made them call the manufacturers, etc to get all the info we wanted. We were satisfied that this couch was going to be of good quality and went ahead and spent 4000 dollars on two 3 seater couches. It took over 2 months to get the couches in, and when we DID get them, within 2 weeks there was a cable sticking out from the cushions, they were sinking and straight away the arms of the couches were creaking?! After many a phone calls with their "CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER" they finally sent out an upholsterer with 20+ years of experience and he took them away for a week and a half, and sent them back only half fixed. One looked like nothing had been done to it and felt that way too...even the delivery guys said it looked off. When you sit near a crack on the couch you fall in towards the middle!

The upholsterer came out a second time after our complaints and took part of one of the couches away to see if he could fix it again. He had said that the frame was crooked, the foam was ordinary and the workmanship left quite a bit to be desired. There was only one row of webbing and it should have been crosswebbed but since the manufacturer is a new company, they screwed up. So the upholsterer came up with a report and said what they need to do in order to build new couches. Harvey said they would build us new ones to the specs of the upholsterer and take the old ones. Then nearly a month later they call us to tell us no order has been done and that the manufacturer said that they will not follow the upholsterer's instructions! So now we are telling them they can take their couches back...If you deal with Harvey Norman for furniture just make sure that you research the manufacturer or the furniture if quality is important to you!!


Posted by Elizabethable at Saturday 07 July 2007

Harvey Norman seems like a nice guy.

This site is strange


Posted by Sherridan Barr at Thursday 05 July 2007

Great service, but where is the promised hard disk for Vista, as you have promised????your Manager did!! What am I going to do, when it crashes and I can't put Vista back on again? will I have to go to a computer store and pay through the nose? For something I have already bought with my new Laptop. Not good enough, Harvey Norman, sherridan Barr, Tassi

Ps I find your website very difficult, cant find entrance to shop???


Posted by Anonymous User at Wednesday 25 April 2007

They have good prices and the service is really good. I bought a new laptop there a few weeks ago and the guy that served me was really nice and friendly and helped me out. I usually go there to get work supplies about once or twice a week and they are always good. If anything I want is out of stock they try to order it in for me or find something else similar and give me a good price. they don't hassle me like some of the other shops do. if i say "i'm just looking" they are fine with that.


Posted by Frank at Friday 20 April 2007

Everyone seems to hate big business. Harvey Norman have a job of being convenient, and therefore they can charge a little bit more than anyone else. Their service is always great, and the staff are always knowledgeable and friendly. If you don't like Harvey Norman, then don't shop there!


Posted by A.N.Other at Thursday 19 April 2007

They advertise a product in their catalogue at a too good to be true price. You then go to the shop only to be told they are all sold. Asking when they will be available again told 'don't know, however we do have all these other brands and models'. One of the oldest tricks in the book.

Bad Service

Posted by Lady Merrit at Sunday 18 March 2007

Very Rude

Total Rip offs!

Posted by Anonymous User at Thursday 08 February 2007

Total Ripppppp off Merchants! Avoid if you Can!

Harvey Norman Moss vale

Posted by Anthony Jones at Saturday 30 September 2006

this is a great buissness but the prices are a bit strechted

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