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Wombeyan Caves

The spectacular Wombeyan Caves are located 180km south of Sydney (via Mittagong) and offer guided and self guided tours allowing visitors to experience the unique formations of the Wombeyan cave system.

For more information, contact Wombeyan Caves on 4843 5976.

Reviews (13)

Great camping, bad road (review: Wombeyan Caves)
This is a lovely camp ground, with plenty of space even when quite full. The facilities are good, plenty of taps for water, hot showers, fire places. Great caves! The road from Sydney via Mittagong is not for the faint hearted and I would not want to drive it in a big vehicle. It is one lane hugging the mountain side for a lot of its length, with lots of blind corners. The alternative route via Goulburn and Taralga is further but so much less scary, and took me half an hour less to drive.
Posted by Unknown User at Monday 16th January, 2012
Ben Stanton (review: Wombeyan Caves)
I have taken my kids to wombeyan caves a few times now. I've taken them to jenolan as well. They love wombeyan caves. That want to come back, to stay, to camp and to explore again. Wombeyan caves as an adventure trip for a family Is Second to none. Pristine. Beautiful. Maintained and respected by all. We will visit this place with our kids and our kid's kids.
Posted by Ben at Wednesday 4th January, 2012
Return Visitor (review: Wombeyan Caves)
We travel to Wombeyan each year during the Easter Holidays and stay for a week. We have done this for the last 5 years and each year the large group of families keep coming back for more!! We stay in the cabins and find them great - clean, neat and well maintained. Even though we tour the caves every year there is still something new to be learned every time - and their beauty is breathtaking. Our kids love to ride their bikes, explore the bush, collect firewood and toast marshmallows on the fire!! After all these years they have even given names to certain areas so we always know where they are going!! The park rangers are wonderful - always friendly and happy to share interesting facts with both adults and kids. They are obviously passionate about the care and preservation of this wonderful place. I would recommend Wombeyan as a holiday destination for people of all ages!! We will be back there in April - maybe I'll see you there!!
Posted by Unknown User at Tuesday 8th March, 2011
wombeyan caves (review: Wombeyan Caves)
we went to wombeyan caves,the road to mittagong which was dirt,had a sign saying no semi trailers,it really aint suitable for a winnebago either,our winnebago just fitted on the track few scary moments,thankfully we only met one car,think both parties were freaking out,was a tight squeeze,otherwise it was beautiful scenery,seen heaps of wild goats,plenty of car bodies at the bottom of the cliffs,landslides were pretty impressive too.would go again this time in the 4wd.
Posted by kerry stevens at Wednesday 26th January, 2011
awsome (review: Wombeyan Caves)
Gary and Deb enjoyed the surrounds immensly
Posted by Unknown User at Tuesday 11th January, 2011
Great Camping Place (review: Wombeyan Caves)
It is a great camping place for you to catch up with your family and friends
Posted by t.s at Wednesday 4th August, 2010
A wonderful Easter Break (review: Wombeyan Caves)
we have been visiting Wombeyan Caves at easter for the last 5 years this year the weather was great only a little light rain one day. i must congratulate the park Rangers for the great organisation of the many many campers over the weekend they had all the camping areas open so people were not over crowded they collected rubbish each day, and they patroled the grounds day and night checking that every one was ok and controling noise at night well done to all the Wombeyan Caves Staff. J Andrews Wollongong
Posted by john andrews at Monday 12th April, 2010
it was awesome (review: Wombeyan Caves)
it was awesome and fun.
Posted by Unknown User at Monday 15th June, 2009
Stalagmites & Marshmallows (review: Wombeyan Caves)
We visited Wombeyan caves as a family last year staying in one of the well maintained on site cabins. The kids enjoyed the drive down and we stopped to help an injured parrot that we passed on to park rangers upon reaching the caves. The kids played tennis, chased kangaroos and enjoyed collecting firewood. A highlight for them was cooking the marshmallows over an open flame... the simple pleasures are often the best. The caves themselves were spectacular and the guides were very personable in each of the caves we visited. The test of a good break is whether the kids would want to return... and they do. We are coming back in the winter holidays.
Posted by Greg Baird at Tuesday 20th May, 2008
Excellent day trip indeed !!!!!! (review: Wombeyan Caves)
My daughter and I visited the caves over the Christmas break and found it a enjoyable and educational place to visit. We went on one of the "Guided Tours" with a park ranger and it was WELL WORTH the cost!!!. The tour took us down deep inside the caves and there were many awsome sights of the natural formations which mother nature creats. The day we were there it was a hot 30 plus degree day with high humidity, (very hot and sticky). But let me tell you, once we stepped foot underground with the park ranger guide, it was like stepping into a fridge !!!!!. It was so cool down there that we didn't want the tour to finish. After the guided tour, we explored the other self guided tours available and we found them very interesting as well. On the way home heading back towards Mittagong, we stopped at a place call Goodman Forde, this is were the Wombeyan Caves Road crosses the Wollondilly River. We stopped here and took the opportunity to have a swim in this beautiful river before heading home. This spot is a popular camping area and is very well presented. Anyway, to sum things up, Wombeyan Caves was well worth the drive and my daughter and I had an excellent time. Thank you to the Staff & Rangers who preserve this beautiful place.
Posted by Frank.C at Wednesday 16th January, 2008
Wonderful Day Trip (review: Wombeyan Caves)
We found The Wombeyan Caves a great day trip from Sydney. The drive was just long enough for the kids. The walks were terrific. Beatiful clean air and caves were enjoyed by all. The first review above could not have been written by a school teacher, surely. Back to school with you!!!
Posted by Graeme at Saturday 1st September, 2007
Worth a look (review: Wombeyan Caves)
Well worth the drive . We came in from Mittagong, and I was glad I was the driver, and not a passenger. I am told that it was pretty scary from the passenger seat. We are in our senior years and had no trouble with any of the walks or access to caves. (I think the School above has better send their studends to exercise class) All in all a beautiful place to visit.
Posted by Barry at Tuesday 14th August, 2007
Wombeyan Caves (review: Wombeyan Caves)
The experiece was great and so were the caves but when i went with the kids from the school i teach at the students found it quite hard to do the open air walk and the students and teachers were not prepared for the oopen land walk. maybe when schools ask for info you might want to make sure that all students going are able to do this such hike. thank you very much we had an enjoyable time part from that one problem.
Posted by Emilie Cooper at Friday 3rd November, 2006

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