Historically, Mittagong was the first settled in the early 1800's, where it became the first settlement in the district.

Mittagong has been home to many varied industries, with Iron being first smelted in the area. The Joadja Kerosene Shale, Box Vale Coal Mine, and the first supply of fresh milk and butter to Sydney by the Fresh Food & Ice Co all operated out of Mittagong in bygone days.

The name Mittagong (Mirrikin, Marrakan, Mittigong and other variations) is said to mean "little mountain". Alternatives are "a companion" and "plenty of native dogs", as the Mittagong range was home to many dingos at one time. "Merrigang" (the place where the dingo puppies play) is said to be substantially the same word.

Today the town invites you to explore its history, scenery, small waterfalls, bushwalks and it's famed "Waratah" flowering in November. Enjoy a picnic at peaceful Lake Alexandra, feed the ducks, and take a peaceful stroll around the Lake - no more than 250 metres from Mittagong's main street.

Mittagong statistics

There are roughly 6,299 people that consider Mittagong home. Approximately 46.80% of people in Mittagong are male, and 39.91% of them are married. The average age is very reasonable 41.

44% of eligible workers in Mittagong consider themselves employable. Of those that are capable of any sort of labour, 55% dedicate most of their existence to full-time work. The official unemployment rate for Mittagong is roughly 5.29%. The others probably work an hour or so a week for the dole. It's good to fudge those unemployment figures. Makes it appear as if we're a productive country! Anyways, the average wage of the people that live in Mittagong is $430 per week.

There are roughly 2,769 properties in Mittagong, where 89% of them are occupied. Of these, 34% are owned by the people that actually live there. A further 26% are currently on their way to own their home. In Mittagong, 7% of properties are units or apartments. This seems to be increasing slowly thanks to the local council. The average rent in Mittagong is about $180 per week.