Moss Vale is the first major town when coming in the Southern Highlands from the South, on the main Southern Railway Line with direct access to the South Coast via the Illawarra Highway.

Lush pastures surround the town. Rural holding in the area specialising in dairy herds mainly Holstein Frisian, an assortment of beef studs and sheep properties. Weekly cattle sales are held in the contemporary indoor Council Saleyard Complex.

Leighton Gardens, a grand park in the centre of Moss Vale's Main Street is one of the districts highlights - a pleasure to visit and unwind in.

Moss Vale Golf Course is regarded as one of the best country courses in New South Wales, 18 Hole Championship layout and fairway watering - a pleasure to play on.

According to the 2016 Australian Census, there were 8,579 people that considered Moss Vale home. The average weekly wage was $620, and the average age was 43.

Females in Moss Vale

52% of people in Moss Vale were female. 33% of females were married, and 7% were in a De facto relationship. 11% were widowed, and 22% had never married. 14% were separated or divorced. 18% of the female population was under the age of 15.

Males in Moss Vale

48% of people in Moss Vale were male. 35% of males were married, and 8% were in a De facto relationship. 7% were widowed, and 29% had never married. 9% were separated or divorced. 19% of the male population was under the age of 15.

Property in Moss Vale

There were 3,542 properties in Moss Vale, 90% of which were occupied by residents. Of these, 37% were owned outright by the people that lived there, and 31% were currently on their way to owning their home. The average weekly rent in Moss Vale was about $320, while the average monthly mortgage payment was $1,733. Roughly 35% of the household income was dedicated to mortgage payments. 16% of households had no internet.

Unless noted, demographic data sets are from the 2016 Australian Census. Copyright of demographic related data resides with Commonwealth of Australia. Used with permission.