In 1819, Governor Macquarie had decided that there should be a permanent settlement in the south, and so he granted land to nine other settlers.

Six men accepted these grants, including a 70 year old Charles Wright, who settled on land four miles from Throsby Park. Macquarie himself named Sutton Forest while visiting the district in 1820. Today many of the old buildings, cottages and homes of the last century can still be viewed. These include All Saints Church and the Public School.

According to the 2016 Australian Census, there were 477 people that considered Sutton Forest home. The average weekly wage was $740, and the average age was 48.

Females in Sutton Forest

45% of people in Sutton Forest were female. 46% of females were married, and 6% were in a De facto relationship. 6% were widowed, and 21% had never married. 9% were separated or divorced. 13% of the female population was under the age of 15.

Males in Sutton Forest

55% of people in Sutton Forest were male. 42% of males were married, and 5% were in a De facto relationship. 7% were widowed, and 22% had never married. 10% were separated or divorced. 21% of the male population was under the age of 15.

Property in Sutton Forest

There were 238 properties in Sutton Forest, 73% of which were occupied by residents. Of these, 45% were owned outright by the people that lived there, and 26% were currently on their way to owning their home. The average weekly rent in Sutton Forest was about $220, while the average monthly mortgage payment was $2,394. Roughly 40% of the household income was dedicated to mortgage payments. 14% of households had no internet.

Unless noted, demographic data sets are from the 2016 Australian Census. Copyright of demographic related data resides with Commonwealth of Australia. Used with permission.